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Welcome to Scintilla Academy. We hope you enjoy your stay, make new friends, and become a better duelist. Make sure to get a tester for yourself and join the chat and/or make an intro before anything else. And most of all, we hope you have fun~

    Mission Section


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    Mission Section  Empty Mission Section

    Post  Yin~ on Mon Jul 07, 2014 1:47 pm

    All Screens In This Section Are To Be Sent To An Admin For Confirmation.

    Missions award you points and a creative outlet instead of monotonous meta. It's a place where you make friends as you collaborate ideas and test them out against our Staff to gain points AND professional screens to show your friends.

    Each Dorm may only complete Missions in their Section.

    Cheating results in a Ban, so keep it clean and fair.
    This section is to be like a game to add on to the Academy experience, so play it like it's one with no cheat codes for the entire market.

    Good luck and have fun~

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