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    Lyfran/Carl Phantom BC Deck Showacase


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    Lyfran/Carl Phantom BC Deck Showacase Empty Lyfran/Carl Phantom BC Deck Showacase

    Post  Lyfran on Wed Dec 26, 2012 7:41 pm

    Hey guys! I'm coming at you with a new Deck i just made it's one of the new archetype that just got release it's called the Phantom Beastcarrier. The deck revolves around Tokens. My build is a Chaos Wind build since I've notice the monster in the archetype are pretty weak i have added more protection just to keep my opponent from doing anything. Please feel free on dropping a comment, i would like feedbacks from you all and how can i improve the deck.

    [img]Lyfran/Carl Phantom BC Deck Showacase Ts11v10[/img]

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