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    Elemental HERO Prisma Ruling


    Elemental HERO Prisma Ruling Empty Elemental HERO Prisma Ruling

    Post  Guest on Wed Dec 19, 2012 2:59 pm

    Elemental HERO Prisma Ruling 331px-ElementalHEROPrismaDPCT-EN-UR-LE

    Card Name: Elemental HERO Prisma

    Attribute: Light

    Level: **** (4)

    Type: Warrior/Effect - Ignition

    Attack: 1700 Defense: 1100

    Condition: None

    Card Effect Cost: Revealing 1 Fusion Monster in the Extra Deck and sending a monster listed on the Fusion Monster from the main deck to the grave.

    Does This Card Target: No

    Text: Once per turn: You can reveal 1 Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck, then send 1 of the Fusion Material Monsters listed on that card from your Main Deck to the Graveyard; this card's name becomes the sent monster's name until the End Phase.


      *Elemental Hero Prisma cannot send Fusion Monsters listed on another Fusion Monster. He can only send cards from the Main Deck to grave.

    Ex. If Elemental HERO Prisma selects Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman, he must and can only send Elemental Hero Sparkman from the deck to the grave.

      *Elemental HERO Prima can select Fusion Monsters with a Monster Card's name listed. He cannot send a generic monster required for a Fusion Monster.

    Ex. If Elemental HERO Prisma selects UFORoid Fighter, it CANNOT send a Warrior Type monster from the deck to the grave. He can only send UFORoid from the deck to the grave.

      *If Rainbow Neos is selected for the effect of Elemental HERO Prisma, it can only send Elemental HERO Neos because it did not specifically list one type of Rainbow Dragon.

      *Elemental HERO Prisma will regain his original name at any given time during the End Phase his controller decides.


      *Reveal a Dark Attribute monster listed on a Fusion Monster to get a head start on summoning a "Chaos" monster.

      *You can reveal Elemental HERO Mudballman or Elemental HERO Terra Firma, to send Elemental HERO Bubbleman or Elemental HERO Ocean to the grave and use Miracle Fusion to get Elemental HERO Absolute Zero.

      *Use Elemental Hero Prisma in a Gladiator Beast Deck for it to reveal Gladiator Beast Heraklinos or Gladiator Beast Gyzarus to get a quick contact fusion if possible. Also applies with Cyber Dragon and Chimeratech Fortress Dragon.

      *Reveal monsters like Black Meteor Dragon to treat Elemental HERO Prisma as Red-Eyes Black Dragon to special summon monsters such as Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon or use cards such as Inferno Flare Blast. Other options are possible.

      *Get the VWXYZ monsters ready for Roll Out! by revealing one of their Fusion Monsters with Elemental HERO Prisma and sending one of the required monsters.

      *Support King of Skull Servant by revealing monsters such as Skull Warrior to send a Skull Servant from the deck to the grave to gradually increase its attack.

    If I forgot anything or if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reply to this post. I will attend to it as soon as I can.

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