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    Well! I think I'll start putting my stories here. First chapter of everyone's favorite story about giant guns and giant dragons!

    Chapter 1: The Spirit Knights

    You arrive with your group at a museum. The bus ride here was long and boring, but you somehow made it without dying. You wait behind your group while the tour guide is speaking. The girls and boys in front of you are too loud for you to even hear the tour guide. You just put your earphones in, and walk with the group.
    Time passes and you see old pictures and statues. You don’t really care, so you just listen to the music. But something catches your eye at the end of a dark hall. You stare at the hall. Nothing seems to be over there. Your group continues to walk, but you decide to explore. At least its better than walking with a bunch of idiots.
    The hall gets darker as you walk down. There seems to be less and less people as you go. Eventually you’re the only in the hall. You reach the end, but nothing of interest is here. You sigh and turned around. Something catches your eye again. In the darkness, an old man is looking at a painting. You find a light switch, and then you flick it on. The old man is surprised.
    “What in the?” the old man says. He turns to look at you. “Oh it was you. Well thank you very much. I could never find the light switch.” The old man looks back at the painting. You look at the painting. Two men are standing, while two giant beings are over them. The old man notices. “I see you noticed the painting. Exquisite isn’t it?”
    You nod in agreement. “There is legend behind them. Have you ever heard of it?” You shake your head. “Would you like to hear it then?” You think it over, but its much better than staying with the group. You nod. “Haha. Its good that young people still want to hear stories from us old people. Well then please listen to the legendary story of the Spirit Knight. This legend is one that is literally unbelievably. And it all started with a group of Gods.”

    The area is humongous. The area overlooks the land. The floor is literally clouds. Columns are everywhere. Holding up a roof over the eight chairs. In each chair sits a God. Two chairs are over the other chairs. The two ruler Gods sit in those chairs. In the first chair is the God of darkness, Thanatos. In the other chair is the God of light, Messiah.
    Underneath them is of the five gods of elements. On Messiah’s side is the God of lightning, Izanagi, the Goddess of ice and water Izanami, and the Goddess of nature, Terra. On Thanatos’s side is God of flames, Fuoco, and the Goddess of wind, Arashi. The last chair is empty.
    “I’m bored!” Fuoco says. His voice is deep, and it echoes. He’s a large man, with a fire beard.
    “The world seems at ease at the moment.” Terra says. Her voice is small, yet mystical. She is covered by leaves for clothes. Except for her enchanting face. “There isn’t much to do now.”
    “Well then, what should we do?” Arashi says. Her voice is strong and quick. Her hair is long and flowing. As if a breeze constantly passes her.
    Izanagi's eyes are closed, and his arms are crossed. He opens his eye’s, and eyes spark from them. “Lets do something interesting.” His voice is cool. “I propose that we give the mortals powers.”
    Izanami looks at him. Her hair is ice itself. “What do you mean by that husband?” Her voice is cruel, but elegant.
    Izanagi uncrosses his arm, and stands up. He walks to look over the land. “I suggest we give them Spirits. A being of us that can use our powers. But it can only go to those who are worth it.” He looks over the mortals.
    “Brilliant! THat’s why I love you Gami! Haha!” Fuoco jumps up from his chair to laugh.
    “Lets make them have two forms. There weak form when they unlock themselves. And there evolved form when they accept themselves.” Arashi says.
    “Don’t you think that would cause chaos?” Terra says.
    “In a land filled with chaos, there will always be hope. Thats one of your lines Messiah.” Izanami says.
    “Correct.” His voice is enchanting. “This may work. Will you help us Thanatos?”
    Thanatos watches them. “If it causes chaos. Then I have to join.” Thanatos says. “Give the mortals what they ultimately desire.”
    Messiah gets off his chair, and walks net to Izanagi. “Release my Spirits. Find your pair.” Small being fly towards the land. “Good luck our children.” The Spirits fly all over the land to find their pair. A yellow sparkling Spirit floats over a baby sleeping in his little bed. His hair is light brown, and his eyes are blue. The Spirit enters the baby. A little lightning bolt appears on his neck.
    A little fiery red Spirit flies to its pair. It finds a little toddler sitting on a horse with someone else. The little toddler has red hair and red eyes. He notices the little Spirit, and he begins to play with it. The Spirit enters inside him. A little fireball appears on his chest. The rest of the Spirits begin to find their pairs. This is the beginning of the Spirit Era!

    18 years later
    The boy with light brown hair is getting ready to leave. He smiles and hums as he prepares his satchel. He is wearing a white and blue armor. He has a blue scarf around his neck with both ends behind him. “Leonhardt?!” The boy turns around. A short woman with light brown hair walks out of the house. “There you are.”
    “Good morning Mom. I’m just getting ready to go.” Leonhardt says. Mom hugs Leonhardt. She lets go after a while.
    “And now you decided to tell me?” Mom asks with a grin. “Do you really have to leave today?”
    “Yes Mom. Its time I finally become a Knight of the Raziel.” Leonhardt says. He jumps on the horse. “Don’t worry, while I got my weapons, I’ll be safe from anything.” A man walks out of the house.
    “You forget something son.” the man throws a helmet. It is completely white, but a blue visor covers the eyes. Some sort of blue fur comes out of the back. “You are ready to use your full potential.” Leonhardt smiles.
    “Thank you father. I will make you proud.” Leonhardt says. The helmet disappears. “Goodbye Mom and Dad.” Leonhardt rides away in his horse.

    The man with red hair is preparing to leave. He has rounded shoulder plates conned to the top piece of his armor. His gloves and boots are plated the same as the shoulder plates. The rest is just red and black clothes. A sword lays on the table near him. The sword is outlined white, and the inside is red. There’s a yellow orb on the hilt. The man grabs the sword, and puts it on his back.
    “You don’t have to leave right now Jason.” an older man with a goatee walks up to Jason.
    “Yeah Jason! Stay with us just a little longer.” a group of men and women say.
    “Haha! Sorry Mercs. I’ve been here long enough. Its time for me to start my own Mercenary group.” Jason grins. “I mean I have been with you guys since birth.”
    “That doesn’t count. We found you in a field! We don’t want to lose our baby boy!” The group cries out. Jason frowns. The goateed man pats him on the shoulder.
    “Well then go son. Show them that mercenaries can beat a Spirit Caller any day of the week.” He says in his growly voice.
    “I will. First I’ll drink, then I’ll beat!” Jason jumps on top of the horse. “See you all when I rule the world!” Jason rides off. The mercenary group cries. The goateed man just sighs and walks away.
    Leonhardt arrives at the front gate to Kingdom of Raziel. The floating kingdom. The gate is mostly just an entrance to teleporter. Leonhardt watches the kingdom with awe. “Name and purpose.” the guardsman says.
    “Leonhardt Kaminari. I’m here to apply for Knights of Raziel.” Leonhardt says enthusiastically. The guard looks at him, then back at the paper.
    “Spirit Caller?” he asks.
    “Um, no sadly.” Leonhardt says.
    “Well then good luck getting in. You may enter.” The gates open, and Leonhardt smiles widely. He rides to the teleporter. Instantly he disappears, and then he reappears at the entrance of the kingdom. People from all different races are everywhere. Leonhardt looks around amazed.
    “Hey! Human! Get off your horse and hitch it already!” someone yells from somewhere. Leonhardt looks around, but doesn’t see who was yelling. “Down here numbskull.” Leonhardt looks down to see a dwarf. Of course he has a beard. “You can hitch your horse over there.” The dwarf points to a stable of horses.
    “Oh well thank you.” Leonhardt slowly rides to the stables. He gets off the horse, and pays the stable owner. The horse is hitched. Leonhardt begins to walk around the floating kingdom. He is an awe of everything. Little robotics stacking things. All kinds of races. Knights and mercenaries walking around. “Amazing.”
    Jason rides up to the gates. “Jason Phoenix. Mercenary work.” He says before the guard can even speak. The guard just nods, and he opens the gate. Jason rides to the teleporter, and instantly appears next to the stables. He pays the stable owner, and walks away. “Well that was boring.” He whispers to himself. As he walks around, he grabs buys an apple. He just eats it while walking around. “I honestly didn’t think this far ahead.” Jason finishes the apple, and throws it away in the trash. He notices someone in white armor walking around in circles.
    Leonhardt is walking around in circles. “Excuse me sir. Ma’am can I have the directions?” He tries to ask the people around him. “Sigh. Should’ve gotten the directions to the place first.” He looks down. Someone goes through the crowd.
    “Do you need help?” Jason asks Leonhardt. Leonhardt looks up at him.
    “Yes please. I need directions to the recruitment office for the Knight of Raziel.” Leonhardt says.
    “Haha! This must be the first time you’ve been here.” Jason grins. “The recruitment office is that giant sparkling building with knights walking in right over there.” Jason points to a huge building. Men and women are marching inside. Leonhardt looks at the building, then back at Jason.
    “Thank you very much!” Leonhardt bows, and then he runs to the building. Jason grins as he watches him go. He turns away. Leonhardt walks inside the recruitment building. Once again he looks around in awe. He snaps back to reality, and goes to the clerk. “I would like to be a knight ma’am.” He says enthusiastically. The clerk doesn’t even look up to him.
    “Your lucky. The testing will begin shortly. Go from the back door.” She points to the back door.
    “Thank you very much.” Leonhardt walks to the back, and opens the door. A group of people in recruit knight armor are standing still in front of the instructor. Leonhardt walks to the last row of them.
    “So you all want to be knights correct?” The instructor yells.
    “Sir yes sir!” the group yells.
    “Well then! Let the tests begin!” The instructor yells.
    Jason enters a building opposite of the knight building. Inside men and women of all races and build are talking. Jason walks past all of them. He walks to the clerk. “I would like to start my own mercenary group.” The clerk hands him a paper without looking up.
    “Fill in the application.” she says. Jason takes it, and he sits down. Jason fills out the application. He yawns once the application is almost complete. Eventually he finishes it, and he walks back to the clerk. “Go wait in one of the rooms. A manager will speak with you shortly.” Jason walks to a room and sits down.
    “This is so boring.” time passes as he waits. He almost falls to sleep when the manager walks in. Jason wakes right back up. “Hello.”
    “Hello.” The man takes out a paper. “Are you a Spirit Caller?”
    “Then you can’t make a Mercenary Group. Good bye.” THe manager begins to leave. Jason stops him.
    “Wait! Why do I have to be a Spirit Caller?” Jason asks.
    “Sigh. New law. Now let me leave.” Jason lets go, and the manager leaves. Jason slumps down on the chair.
    “A law? Are you kidding me?” Jason frowns.
    Leonhardt waits patiently for the trainer. Eventually the trainer walks up to him. “Leonhardt Kaminari?” He asks. Leonhardt stands.
    “Yes sir.” He says. He tries to look serious, but its hard with his young face.
    “I regret to tell you this, but you can not join.” The trainer says.
    Leonhardt frowns. “But why? If its okay to ask.”
    “Well you see the king made a new law. Only Spirit Callers can be Knights. I apologize son. But you can never become a knight. Your results were amazing, but I still can’t do anything about it.” The trainer says sadly. He walks away. Leonhardt looks forward heartbroken. He leaves the training field, and he then leaves the building. Without changing his expression.
    Jason is drinking ale at the pub. “I can’t believe I have to be a Spirit Caller.” He drinks more ale. “I wonder how I could get a Spirit.” He puts the glass down. “Sigh. You have to be born with it they say.” He stands up, and walks outside. He looks around. “I wonder what I could do now.” He notices the sad Leonhardt. Jason raises an eyebrow, and he begins to walk towards him.
    Leonhardt bumps into someone. “My apologizes.” He doesn’t even look up.
    “You okay man? How did becoming a knight go?” The voice is familiar. Leonhardt looks up to see a grinning Jason. “Why the long face?”
    “I didn’t make it.” Leonhardt looks away.
    Jason watches him. He pats him on the shoulder. “Well don’t feel sad! You can always try again! Your dreams are your own. Every once in awhile they don’t go as plan. But you just gotta keep on trying.” Leonhardt looks back up at him.
    “You’re right. Nothing can stop my dreams.” Leonhardt smiles. Jason pats his back.
    “Thats better! But why can’t you join? You look like a knight already with your armor and prince charming hair.” Jason plays with Leonhardt’s hair.
    “They said that there’s a new law. The law says that only Spirit Callers can be knights.” Leonhardt says.
    “Seriously? For you guys to? Man this king’s a jackass.” Jason says. “They told me I couldn’t start a mercenary group since I’m not a Spirit Caller.”
    “You wanted to start a mercenary group?” Leonhardt asks.
    “No. I will. I just need a Spirit.” Jason says. “Well anyways. What’s your name? I’m Jason Phoenix.”
    “Leonhardt Kaminari. Soon to be knight.” Leonhardt says enthusiastically.
    “Leonhardt? That too long. Can I call you Leo?” Jason asks. Leo nods. “Great! Well lets go for a drink Leo.” They begin to walk back to the pub. But something distracts them. A group of people in matching armor pass by them.
    “Wow. Are they knights?” Leo asks.
    “No. They are the famous Spirit Caller group, Legion of Spirits. I don’t see what’s so special about them. I could beat them without a Spirit easily.” Jason says. “Actually lets go show them exactly what we are made of.” Jason storms towards them. Leo just follows him. “Hey you assholes!” he calls to them. The Spirit Callers turn towards him.
    “And what do you want commoner?” One of them says. His armor is the largest, so he must be the leader.
    “Its because of you guys that my partner here can’t become a knight!” Jason yells at him. Leo’s eyes grow.
    “Can you please not get me involved in this?” Leo whispers.
    “Shush Leo! Mommy and Daddy are talking.” Jason says. Leo frowns.
    “Let me guess. You are tried to join the knights, but you aren’t Spirit Callers?” The leader asks.
    “Exactly! We deserve to join it! And its unfair that you Spirit Callers get all the credit.” Jason says. A crowd begins to surround them.
    The leader thinks for a few seconds. “Fine then.” He says. Jason raises an eyebrow. “We will fight you to see if you actually are worthy. We will not be using our Spirits of course.”
    Jason is confused for a few seconds, but he jumps in excitement. “Hell yeah! Lets do this.” Leo puts his hands up.
    “I’m sorry but I don’t think this is a good idea Jason.” Leo says. “I mean they are advanced right?”
    “That doesn’t matter! We could totally do this Leo.” Jason takes his blade out. “Now are you ready?” A few of the members of Legion of Spirits prepare for battle. “Lets do this!” Jason charges at them. He parries their strikes fluently. He slowly cuts through their armor. “This is already fun!”
    The other members are focusing their attacks on Leo. Leo dodges all their swings. two of them try to flank him, but he backflips out of the situation. He lands perfectly. “Please stop. I won’t fight you!” One of them charges at him. Leo punches him across the cheek. The member spins in the middle of the air, and falls to the ground. “I’m sorry!”
    “Nice one Leo! You made him go flying!” Jason yells as he kicks someone back.
    “I didn’t want to do it though!” Leo yells as he continues to dodge attacks. The leader slowly walks towards Jason.
    “This is too easy.” Jason says. The leader hits him behind the head. Jason falls to his knees. “Ouch!” The leader puts his sword to his throat.
    “And your fun ends now.” The leader grins. Leo notices.
    “Let go of him!” Leo takes out a long white pistol. He shoots a bullet that hits directly on his palm.
    “OUGH!” The man drops the sword. Leo shoots at his exposed shoulder. The leader falls to the ground. “How could a gun shoot through my armor?! There pathetic excuses for weapons!”
    “Only a few can use a gun to its potential. I just aimed where your armor wasn’t protecting you.” Leo runs to Jason. He sticks his hand out. “The fun’s not over yet.”
    Jason grabs his hand, and he goes back up. “Now thats better! Lets do this!” The leader stands back up, with the members running behind him.
    “Bunch of dumb commoners. Lets finish this already! Awaken Arachking!” the leader summons upon his Spirit. A giant spider looms over them.
    “Holy Messiah.” Jason says. Leo and Jason are looking at the giant spider. Its jaw inches from their face. “Well we’re screwed now.”
    “Haha! Time to finish this! Spirit Move: Web Bomb!” The spider weaves a giant ball of string. It throws it directly at Leo.
    “Now its my turn to save you bud!” Jason jumps right in front of him. His sword put up to defend the blow.

    “Hey Fuoco.” Izanagi says. He is looking at the land under him. Fuoco walks up to him.
    “What’s up?” Fuoco says.
    “Is that one of your Spirit Callers down there? The one with the red hair.” Izanagi points to Jason.
    Fuoco stares at him. “Yes it is! And by the looks of it he’s a real warrior.” Fuoco chuckles behind his fire beard. “He even jumped in front of the knight looking kid. Why isn’t he using his Spirit though?”
    “It seems your Spirit Caller doesn’t know he’s a Spirit Caller yet.” Izanagi says.
    “Why not?!” Fuoco yells.
    “Don’t yell in my ear.” Izanagi says angrily.
    “Sorry.” Fuoco says quietly.
    “Well your Spirit Caller doesn’t like Spirits. In fact he hates them.” Izanagi says.
    “Haha!” Fuoco chuckles. “I understand. A true warrior doesn’t need a Spirit. I like this guy. He’s like me.”
    “Sigh. You’re lucky. So far my Spirits are mostly thieves and vampires.” Izanagi says sadly. Fuoco slaps him in the back.
    “Don’t worry bro. There’s always one diamond in the cluster of coal. Now I want everyone to see how powerful the Fire Lords really are!” Fuoco puts his fist in the air. “Now Spirits! Awaken!”

    The bomb is shot at Leo. Jason jumps in front of him. “My turn to save you bud!” He puts his sword in front of him to take the blast. Jason closes his eyes. The blast surrounds them. Jason slowly opens his eyes to see red wings in front of him. “What in the?” He looks up to see a being in fiery red armor. Its helmet makes it look like its a bird. Fire wings come out from its back to protect Jason.
    “You have awakened the Spirit inside you, Reisa the Phoenix Knight.” A mysterious voice says. Reisa expands her wings, and fire is released in the air. Jason is in awe of his new Spirit.
    “Yes!” Jason jumps with his fist up high. “Now this will be a battle to remember!” Leo watches Raisa. “Don’t worry Leo! I bet you’ll get yours soon!” Jason makes a thumbs up. Leo braces himself, and smiles.
    “Lets do this Jason!” the members run towards Leo, and Jason begins to fight the leader. Leo dodges a sword slash. He shoots his palm, and the man drops his sword. Another man runs to attack him, but Leo hits him across the cheek with his pistol. He goes flying out of the way.
    Raisa flies in the air at top speed. Archking tries to shoot Raisa down. “Spirit Move: Flame Wing!” Jason yells. Raisa’s wing are coated in flames. Raisa flies at the top speed to Archking. Raisa hits Archking with its flame wing. “Nice one Raisa!”
    The leader grits his teeth. “This is not how things go!” The leader charges blade first. Jason blocks up, but a little too late. A cut hits him across the cheek.
    “You little Fuoco!” Jason jumps back, and prepares his blade. “I like doing this warrior style anyways.” Jason attacks the leader with his blade. The leader easily blocks it. Jason keeps trying to hit him. The leader still easily dodges and parries it.
    “Haha! And I thought you were actually good. Spirit Move: Web Bomb!” The leader yells. Archking prepares a web bomb. It shoots it Raisa, and hits it directly.
    “AUGH!” Jason flies backwards. “What in Thanatos hit me?”
    “Haha. You don’t know? When a Spirit is hit, the Spirit owner is hurt with it.” The leader says. Jason grits his teeth, and he jumps back up. Leo watches as Jason is losing. the members get fed up with Leo’s dodging and shooting.
    “Awaken my Spirit!” A few of the members says. Spirits of all kinds come out. Leo notices and jumps back.
    “If this is my fate...” Leo says. “Then I must accept it.” He puts the pistol out in front of him. “I don’t need a Spirit to become a knight! Change: Cannon!” the pistol changes to a huge cannon. “Gunner Move: Cannon Blast!” a giant blue cannon bolt shoots out, and hits the Spirits directly. A few of the Spirits begin to phase out. “Direct hit!” Leo yells.
    “Why didn’t you use that cannon before?!” Jason yells as he blocks an attack.
    “I didn’t want to hurt anyone!” Leo yells. “Also it takes a long time to gather power!” The members get back up.
    “Spirit Move: Flame Wing!” Jason yells as he tries to hit the leader.
    “Not good enough!” The leader yells. Archking jumps out of the way of Riasa. “Spirit Move: Web Bomb!” Archking shoots Riasa directly on her back. Jason goes flying forward.
    “Damn it! I just got my Spirit!” Jason yells. He jumps back up. “Help me out over here Leo! I’m fighting a damn Spirit Caller!” He yells at Leo.
    Leo is dodging attacks. “A little busy!” He hits the members with the cannon. “I’ll be there in a minute.” Leo says. He begins to walk away, but one of the members Spirits slaps him away. Leo goes flying back. “AUGH!”
    “Leo!” Jason begins to run, but the leader gets in front of him.
    “You are my opponent. So you stay here!” He punches Jason back. Jason continues to attack him.
    “I’m coming Leo! Just hang tight!” Jason yells. Leo stands back up.
    “Change: Pistol!” Leo’s cannon changes back to a pistol. He runs at them shooting at them as much as possible. The Spirits all get ready to slam him down. “Not yet! I’m not going to die yet!” Leo uses one of the Spirits to jump as high as he can. “Change: Gatling Gun!” he yells while he backflips. “Gunner Move: Bullet Rain!” He shoots at the ground with outrageous amounts of bullets. The Spirits get heavily hit, but the members still get hurt. Most of them pass out. “Direct hit!” Leo yells enthusiastically. He lands gracefully. “Change: Pistols.” the gatling gun changes back to a pistol.

    Fuoco is watching the land intently. “Izanagi. Get over here.” He says. Izanagi stands up from his chair, and he walks next to him.
    “What’s wrong? Is it another one of my Spirit Callers causing trouble? Sigh.” Izanagi frowns.
    “The exact opposite actually. Remember my Spirit Caller? Well it seems that the knight boy is one of yours.” Fuoco says.
    “Really? One of mine? Is he evil or wicked?” Izanagi asks.
    “Oh give him credit. Like I said. There’s always a diamond. And I think this guy is your diamond.” Fuoco says. Izanagi watches as Leo uses his pistols, cannon, and gatling gun. He pays close attention to when Leo purposely stopped shooting when the members passed out.
    “He didn’t kill them. And he knows how to deal with any situation. He didn’t even want to hurt anyone until his friend was hurt by their leader. Your right. He’s my diamond.” Izanagi says with a grin. “I don’t understand why his Spirit hasn’t awakened yet.”
    “Just like mine. He wanted to prove that he could handle himself without a Spirit. It seems our diamonds really are warriors. Haha!” Fuoco chuckles behind his fire beard. “Are you going to awaken it?”
    “He is my only Spirit Caller that will use my powers for good. Of course I will. Show them what electricity can really do gunner!” Izanagi yells.

    Leo runs to Jason. “I’m coming Jason! Hold on!”
    Jason continues to block the leaders attacks. “Well hurry up! I don’t think my Spirit can hold on any longer!” Raisa continues to fly around Archking, and Archking is still trying to shoot it down.
    “This is taking too long. Spirit Move: Arachna Arrow!” The leader yells. Archking shoots an arrow shaped web at Raiza. It tangles her, and Archking brings it down to the ground. Jason also gets pulled down. The leader puts his sword to his back, and Raisa is about to get eaten by Archking. “Now this ends.”
    “No!” Leo yells. A giant bolt of lightning blows Archking away. The leader goes flying backwards. Leo stops running, and he looks behind him. A huge blue and white armored wolf is in front of him. “Are you my Spirit?” Leo tries to touch his head. The wolf lets hit pet him. Leo’s grin smiles widely.
    “You have awakened the Spirit inside you, Inazuma the Lighting Wolf!” a mysterious voice says. Inazuma howls into the sky. Sparks of lightning come out. Leo turns around to leader.
    “This is over! Spirit Move: Spark Breaker!” Leo yells. A giant blue lightning ball grows in his mouth. He shoots it directly at Archking. Archking explodes in yellow shards. “Direct hit! Good job Inazuma!” Leo starts to scratch behind his ear. Inazuma sticks his tongue out in appreciation. Jason jumps back up. Reisa slowly floats next to him.
    “Awesome! Both of us have Spirits now!” Jason yells. He jumps up in the air, and makes a thumbs up. “But of course, mine’s better.” Jason says all cocky.
    “Yours? Better? Hahaha!” Leo laughs. “It takes one little bolt to make your bird fried!”
    Jason grits his. “We’ll see about that! Spirit Move: Flame Wing!” Reiza flies at top speed with her wings ablaze.
    “Show them our fate Inazuma! Spirit Move: Spark Breaker!” Inazuma charges up lightning in his mouth.

    “Hahaha!” Izanami and Fuoco are laughing together. The goddesses walk up to them.
    “What are you guys laughing about?” Arashi asks.
    “Izanagi’s Spirit Caller thinks his Spirit is stronger than mine! Ha!” Fuoco continues to laugh. Izanagi stops laughing.
    “Thats not why we’re laughing. Its because your Spirit Caller thinks fire can beat lightning. When we all know, I could destroy you.” Izanagi says. Fuoco stops laughing.
    “Oh really Pretty Boy? I like to see you try!” Fuoco yells.
    “Let’s do this!” Izanagi yells. Fuoco and him begin to fight.
    “Sigh. Men. Even in God form they’re the same.” Arashi says.

    Leo and Jason are laying on the floor laughing. “Looks like we’ll never know who’s is better.” Jason says.
    “We probably will, but until then. Its a draw.” Leo says.
    Jason jumps. “Well buddy. Looks like you’re finally able to become a knight. And I can finally start my group.” Leo stands up too.
    “Actually I was think I could join your group. If that’s okay with you of course.” Leo says. Jason slaps him on the back.
    “Hell yeah! Why didn’t you say so sooner?!” Jason yells. Leo is about to open his mouth. “Nevermind! Lets go make the group already!” Jason drags Leo away to the mercenary building. “We are Spirit Callers now baby!”
    “What are we going to be called?!” Leo yells.
    “Spirit Knights! Since I suck at coming up with names!” Jason yells. “Woohoo!”

    Fuoco and Izanagi are sitting down laughing with each other. “That was fun Pretty Boy! Didn’t know you had it in you.”
    “Same thing goes for you old man! Haha!” Izanagi says.
    “What in the? Sigh.” Arashi says. “Stupid boys.” Tera and Izanami are just giggling to themselves. Messiah and Thanatos watch over them.

    “And that’s the beginning to this legend. Unbelievable right?” the old man asks you. You nod in agreement. “Sigh. To this day I still wished I lived in those times. Isn’t it getting late young one?” You realize the time. You turn to run, but stop to thank the old man. “Don’t thank me. If you ever want to hear the rest of the legend, just come back here. In front of this painting. I’m always here. Waiting.” You nod, and run to find your group.
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    Chapter 2: First day at Spirit Callers camp

    You arrive at the entrance to the museum. That old man’s story really intrigued you. You enter the museum, and begin to look for the old man. You find the dark hallway, and begin to walk down it. You find the light switch, and the old man gets startled.
    “You came back. I really didn’t think you would. Does that mean you want to hear the rest of the story?” You nod. “How magnificent. Well then listen carefully. We left off with our two heroes getting their Spirits. Now lets see what happens next.”

    Jason are snoring on his bed holding on to something. Leo is also sleeping, but instead of snoring he’s drooling. He’s also holding onto something also. “Rachel...” Jason says dreamingly. Leo moves a little.
    “Rachel?” Leo says confused. Both Jason and Leo slowly open there eyes. Both of them realized that they were holding on to each other. “AUGH!” Both of them yell as they jump. “Why did you call me Rachel?!”
    “That's not what’s important! Why were cuddling with me?!” Jason yells.
    “I went to sleep! I don’t know why you’re in my bed!” Leo yells.
    “Did I drink last night?” Jason whispers to himself. “Well then I apologize! But why are you wearing your armor? You were sleeping.”
    “My armor is comfy.” Leo says quietly. “There’s nothing wrong with that. Now who is Rachel?!”
    “Just some chick I made up! Now please, lets stop talking about this.” Jason walks out of the room. Leo just sighs and walks out with him. A few minutes later our heroes are sitting around the table eating bagels. “Why in Thanatos are we eating bagels?”
    “There was a sale on bagels. Don’t complain.” Leo says. He sips his tea. “Do you want tea with that?”
    Jason stares at him. “First you cuddle with me. Then you give me bagels while we you read your news scroll. And now you’re asking me for tea.” Leo frowns.
    “You could’ve just said no.” Leo continues to read his news scroll. Jason stares at him, then the bagel, and back to him. He continues to eat his bagel. Leo puts his tea down. “Nothing much happened it seems.” He puts his scroll down, and bites on his bagel.
    “I’m so bored! Its been a week since we got our Spirits, and so far nothing has happened!” Jason yells.
    “What did you expect? Nothing much happens since our land is so peaceful. Never thought I would hate that.” Leo continues to eat his bagel.
    Jason gets on his knees and looks up. “Please just give us something interesting! Anything!” Jason yells. Someone knocks on the door. Leo stands up, and he opens the door.
    “Who is it?” Leo asks. A man in a strange assortment of armor is in front of him.
    “Hello. May I please enter?” The man asks.
    “Sure.” Leo lets him walk in. Jason gets up, and walks next to him.
    “What are you doing? Why are you letting a stranger into our house?” Jason whispers.
    “I guess I’m just bored. Now come and say hello to our guest.” Leo walks up to the man. “You never told us who you were.”
    “I apologize. My name is Devin. You see I am a Spirit Caller like yourselves. But I am a veteran.” Devan says. Jason opens his mouth widely.
    “Devin?! You mean the Devin? The one that led the army to defeat the Seekz! A mighty rebellion against the kingdom! But luckily the Raziel's saved us! All thanks to Devin and his Spirit army.” Jason’s eyes are sparkling. Leo is awe.
    “Really?! Thats awesome!” Leo is excited.
    “Haha! Really you don’t have to say it like that. It was just a simple clash of armies.” Devin tries to explain.
    “But with giant creatures!” Jason yells.
    “Haha! I guess you have a point.” Devin says. “Well you see I heard that you two beat up our top group. The Legion of Spirit.” Leo and Jason stop smiling.
    “We swear they attack first!” Leo yells.
    “Haha! Don’t worry. From what I heard, you guys should take the top rank with the power your Spirits hold. I just came to ask you for a favor.” Devin says.
    “What is it? Are we going to kill stuff?” Jason asks with a sparkle in his eye.
    “Well, maybe. You see I’ve been looking for new Spirit Callers. It seems a threat is approaching us. So I’ve been going all around Avalon. I was going to ask the leader of Legion of the Spirits, but I think you two are much better for the job.” Devin says.
    “Well you excuse us.” Leo says. Both Leo and Jason walk to a room. “YES!!!”
    “TIME TO KICK ASS!!!” You can hear our two heroes yelling in the room. They exit the room quietly. “I’m sorry about that. We had to discuss if that was a good idea or not. It is by the way.” Jason says.
    Devin chuckles. “Well then get ready. We will be leaving to Agarest soon. Meet me by the gate teleporter.” Divan walks outside. “Till we meet again.” He closes the door behind him.
    “Quickly! Lets get ready!” Jason yells. Leo and Jason run to get ready. “Where’s my shirts?!”
    “At the cleaners!” Leo yells from his room.
    “All of them?!”
    “You’re really messy!”
    “Let me borrow one of yours!”
    “I don’t have any!”
    “Why not?!”
    “I only wear my armor!” Jason bangs his head on the wall.
    “Fine. I guess pajamas work to.” Jason packs his pajamas. “Are you ready?”
    “Yep. Lets go!” Leo runs out of his room wearing the exact same thing, but now he has a satchel. “I’m ready.”
    “Thats all you’re bringing?” Jason has a backpack of things.
    “Yeah. Just money, special ammo, and tea packets.” Leo says. “What do you have?”
    “Sword sharpener, pajamas, money, throwing knives, ale, some sort of weird bagel, replacement gloves, and some potions.” Jason says.
    “All you need is throwing knives, money, and potions.” Leo says.
    “What am I going to wear when I’m going to sleep?”
    “Your armor.”
    “Thats uncomfortable.”
    Leo frowns. “Whatever. You can just slow yourself down if you want.” Leo starts to go outside. Jason stares at his bag. He gets a satchel, and puts ale, money, and potions in. He walks outside with Leo.
    Leo and Jason walk across the kingdom. They meet Divan at the entrance. “Are you ready?” Divan asks them. They nod. “This will be a long journey, so I hope you are ready.” Our heroes follow Divan to the teleporter. Our heroes walk for a long time. A week passed since they started their journey. “Here we are. Agarest Fortress.” a forest surrounds the giant white fortress. There are two of them, connected by a bridge.
    “Finally!” Jason yells.
    “That was one long walk. The horse stable owners are going to give us a huge bill.” Leo says. “This place is beautiful though.” Leo looks over the bridge. The height is unbelievably. “Oh, you never told us exactly why we needed to be here?”
    “Well I need to leave now, but you can ask around if you must. There will be two Spirit Callers that will be joining you. I suggest you talk to him. Well then good bye.” Divan leaves Jason and Leo alone.
    “Well then. Lets go find our teammates!” Jason yells as he marches away. Leo follows him. The camp is pretty open. There’s the two giant tents where the king and his advisor stay at. Some of the mages are using magic on another side. A animal trainer is feeding the dogs. Some soldiers are training at the last spot. “First things first, doggies!!” Jason yells as he runs to the dogs. Leo follows him.
    “Now open your mouth Luke.” the dog trainer has a treat over the dog’s head. The dog cowers. “Come on Luke. Fight it away.” the trainer frowns sadly. Jason walks up the the dog.
    “What’s wrong with him?” Jason asks him. The dog is small and his fur is black. His eyes are red. Jason begins to pet him.
    “He ate some weird berries that poisoned him. He’s been getting weaker and weaker. I think he’s at the point of death.” The trainer replies. He sadly stands back up.
    “Is there anyway we can help?” Leo asks. Jason continues to play with Luke.
    “Well there is this plant that can heal him in the forest. Sadly they won’t let me send anyone though.” the trainer points to the forest gate.
    “Don’t worry sir. We’ll get you that flower.” Leo says with a smile.
    The trainer instantly gets a smile. “Thank you very much! Please be quick. Come on Luke. Time to take you back home.” The trainer takes Luke away. Jason frowns from losing his new friend.
    “We have to get that flower!” Jason says. “We must save the doggy!” Jason is extremely passionate about this. Leo laughs and moves on. They walk towards the soldiers. It seems that a commander is giving a speech to them. The speech ends before Leo and Jason could have a chance to hear it. “Well looks like we missed it. Which one of these guys do you think is the other Spirit Caller?” Jason looks around as he asks.
    “Maybe we should ask around. If we’re lucky we can find him quickly.” Leo replies. A man with shining armor and blonde hair is looking over the forest. “Lets ask that guy.” Leo starts to walk towards the suspicious man. “Excuse me sir. Have you seen a Spirit Caller anywhere?”
    Our heroes surprise the man. He turns towards them. “I apologize. My mind left me for a moment.” the mans voice is low and smooth. He smiles and scratches the back of his head. “I am actually a Spirit Caller. Why do you ask?”
    Jason jumps up. “On our first guess!” he yells happily. “We’re the new Spirit Callers. Divan told us to look for you. I’m Jason the fire master!” Jason points to himself.
    “My name is Sir Leonhardt Kaminari. I control the Spirit of electricity.” Leo says proudly. “And your name?”
    “Haha! So you guys are the newbies. Well I’m Sir Mikomi. I’m the commanding officer for Skarvog.” Mikomi replies. “The other Spirit Caller is at the magic circle by the way. I suggest you say hello to him to.” Mikomi turns back to the forest. Leo and Jason leave to look for the other Spirit Caller.
    “What is Skarvog?” Leo asks Jason as they walk.
    “Its a kingdom at the bottom of Avalon. The second one, while Raziel is the first and most advanced.” Jason explains. “Remember, there are three main kingdoms us human control Raziel, Skarvog, and Corelia. Then theres the other races main points of power, but I’ll tell you about them later.”
    Leo nods. Mages are in a circle dancing some weird dance. Leo and Jason stare with a strange look on their face. A elf girl walks up to them. “Um.. excuse me. Can you not stare please?” the girl says shyly. She has long purple hair. She is wearing a white armor top, and a skirt. Our two heroes don’t notice her. “Excuse me. Can you not stare?” leo notices her finally.
    “Oh, I apologize. We didn’t mean to stare.” Leo elbows Jason. He stops staring at the mages. “We just came to look for someone.”
    “Do you know any Spirit Callers here?” Jason asks.
    “Yes. I’m a Spirit Caller. The second one actually. I’m waiting here for the other two.” She says in a quiet voice.
    “Well you don’t have to wait anymore! Your two Spirit Callers are here to save the day!” Jason yells. The elf girl is confused.
    “He’s saying that we’re the Spirit Callers. I’m Sir Leonhardt Kaminari. Spirit Caller for electricity. And this is my partner Jason Phoenix. He controls a fire Spirit.” Leo explains. “Its a pleasure meeting you.”
    “Oh, well my name is Valerie. I use a ice and water Spirit.” She doesn’t look at them when she talks.
    “My archenemy.” Jason says. “Well anyways. I’m extremely thirsty, so I’m going for a drink. You two have fun.” Jason leaves Leo behind.
    “Are you mage? Or are you just watching the mages?” Leo asks.
    “I’m a mage, yes. I came to join in, but they don’t want a Spirit Caller to ruin it.” Valerie says.
    “Thats cruel of them. Why wouldn’t they let a Spirit Caller join?”
    “They say that my magic is not real since I have a Spirit.” Valerie frowns. Leo gets angry, and walks towards the circle. “What are you doing? You're going to ruin the circle.” Leo walks right through the circle. The magic around them instantly vanishes.
    “What are you doing you stupid soldier?” One of the mages say.
    “Simple. If I hear that you mages are going to be cruel to a Spirit Caller again. I’m going to let my Spirit eat every last one of you.” Leo’s face is rock hard.
    “Stupid soldier thinks he can demand us mages.” a mage opposite of him says. “I’ll show you what real power looks like! Elemental Move: Sparks!” a stream of electricity shoots out of his hand to Leo. Valerie screams. “Now your just a crisp.” he stops the electricity. Leo still stands completely unscathed.
    Leo takes out his gun, and shoots the mage directly at his chest. The mage steps back, but he is unharmed. “Ha! Your guns don’t do anything to me! Elemental Move: Flames!” nothing happens. “What in the. Elemental Move: Frost!” nothing happens still. Leo walks up to him.
    “Its called a Magic Canceling Bullet. One shot and your magic disappears.” Leo puts the pistol to his forehead. “Now its just a regular bullet. Are you going to listen now?” the mage nods. “Good.” he walks away from him. “Come on Valerie. These mages aren’t worth your time.” He walks away, and Valerie follows him.

    Jason is at the soldiers tent drinking ale. He chugs a bottle down. “That hits the spot.” Jason gets another bottle. Mikomi enters the tent. “Hey Mikomi! Come sit with me.” Jason calls to Mikomi. He sits next to him. “Here, have a bottle.”
    Mikomi grabs the bottle. “Thanks. Jason right?” Mikomi asks. Jason nods. “Where’s your partner?” Mikomi starts to drink his ale.
    “Getting some. Haha.” Jason laughs to himself. Mikomi makes a strange face.
    “With the elf girl I’m guessing?”
    “You betcha. So what is the commander in charge of Skarvog doing here?”
    “Well the Skarvog army is here to help, and I was extremely bored.”
    “Totally makes sense. I would've done the same thing. Or go to a pub and get some. Either one is fine with me.” Jason sips his drink. “Do you know what we’re doing by the way?”
    “Well Divan said he will tell us later. Actually it should be around the time to go. You ready?”
    “Let me get some ale for the road.” Jason leaves for a few seconds. He comes back with a new bottle. He puts it inside his satchel. Lets do this!” Jason yells. Both of them leave the tent.

    Divan is waiting at a campfire with Leo and Valerie. Jason and Mikomi arrive a few moments later. “We got booze!” Jason yells. Valerie and Mikomi laugh, while Divan and Leo frown.
    “Please sit. It is time for me to explain what you all will be doing.” Divan says. All of them listen up. “All of you will go into the forest. Our scouts tell us that there is some strange gem in the forest. I need you to find it and bring it back.”
    “Why do you want us to go?” Leo asks.
    “Well there is the fact that I want to see how truly powerful all of you are.” Divan says. “Also I could’ve think of a test.”
    “Will it be dangerous?” Valerie asks.
    “Our soldiers call of the Forest of Death, but I think you’ll be fine.” Divan says with a poker face. Valerie gets scared, and hides behind Leo.
    “So what you're telling us is that we’re going to inside a forest called the Forest of Death?” Jason asks. Divan nods. “Finally! Some action!”
    “Haha! Yes you will face ‘action’. Specifically, Shadows.” Divan says. Everyone gasps, except for Leo. He looks confused. “Do you not know about Shadows Leo?” Leo nods. “Well then, let me explain. A Shadow is a Spirit that did not find a host. Or to be specific, clones of the Spirits that did not find their way. A True Shadow is the original Spirits. We call them Generals.”
    “The Generals create weaker versions of themselves to create an army. They were minor, but lately they have been causing trouble. the forest has some of the Shadows in them. So I want you to be very careful.”
    “What do we do if we find a General?” Mikomi asks.
    “Run. Don’t fight it. Just run.” Divan says with a serious tone. “I don’t care if you think you can defeat it. Run.” Divan gives Jason a scroll. “That is a map of the forest. Be quick with your mission. Dismissed.” Divan walks away. Our heroes surround Jason to look at the map.
    “The gem is somewhere in these ruins. We could easily just use this path right here. Safe and quick.” Jason recommends. “And if we’re lucky, we can find that one flower the dog trainer needed. Let's go comrades!” Jason yells as he jumps up. He marches to the forest. Mikomi puts his hand on the hilt of his sword as he follows. Leo walks prepared to take his gun out. Valerie hides in her own fear.

    Our heroes walk through the forest path. Sunlight barely seeps through the trees. Jason and Leo are looking around for the flower as they walk. So far nothing has come up. “Nothin yet huh. At least we haven’t seen the Shadows.” Leo says.
    “I want to kill some Shadows though!” Jason cries.
    “Shadows are not weak creatures to kill Jason. Remember, they are just lost Spirits. They can easily match up against our Spirits.” Mikomi says. “And worse. If we find a General, we’re dead.”
    Valerie shudders. “Do you really think we’re going to die?” She asks.
    “Of course not.” Leo looks at her. “Trust me. We’ll all survive.” He smiles warmly. Valerie stops shuddering. “Now where is that flower?!”
    “Is that it?” Jason points to something. A white flower can be easily seen a little bit down the road. “Quickly my squires!” Jason runs to the flower. Everyone runs to catch up to him. “Yes! Its the flower!” Jason yells as he gets closer. He stops instantly.
    “Why did you stop?” Leo says as he catches up to him. His face changes when he notices what stopped Jason. An entire group of corpses are covered in blood on the floor. Some of them are cut in half. While others look eaten. “By the gods.” Mikomi and Valerie catch up to them.
    The flower is sprouting near all the corpses. “Well, looks like we found it.” Jason says, not as excited as before. He picks the flower up, and puts it inside his satchel. “Lets just keep walking.” our heroes begin to walk away.
    “Please... Wait.” a voice comes from beneath them. Our heroes look around, and see a bloody man crawling towards them. His legs are cut off. “Help me.”
    “What happened here?” Mikomi asks him.
    “Our group was attacked by Shadows. They were relentless.” The man tries to talk. “We didn’t stand a chance. Please help me.” the man continues to bleed.
    “We have bandages, just hold on.” Leo takes the bandages out of his satchel.
    “No, this man is in too much pain, and he is now useless without his legs. It is best if we end his life.” Mikomi suggests.
    “We will not kill when we have the chance to save.” Leo replies. He gets ready to bandage the man. Mikomi stops him.
    “You know that he can’t do anything, and that he is suffering. There is no point in wasting our bandages on him.”
    “Useless or not. A knight proves his worthiness by his deeds.” Leo crouches next to the man. “Hold still, this will be quick.” Leo is about to wrap his leg stubs. The man stops him.
    “No! Please end my pain. I am not worth your bandages.” The man says.
    “But why? We can take you back to camp. You can go back home.” Jason puts his hand on his shoulder. Leo stops talking. Mikomi puts his hand on the hilt of his blade. “No, let me do it.” Leo takes out his pistol, and points the gun to the man’s forehead. “May the light shine in your darkness.” the bullet ends his life quickly. The man’s blood splatters on Leo’s cheek. He wipes it off, and stands up.
    “You didn’t have to do it.” Jason says.
    “I didn’t have to do a lot of things.” Leo walks forward. Jason is opens his mouth to say something, but closes it. They follow him down the path.
    Thirty minutes have passed since anyone uttered a word. They are almost close to the mysterious gem. Leo stops walking. Everyone else stops with him. “The noise is gone.” Leo looks around. “We’re in the middle of the forest, and it is silent. Prepare yourself!” All of them prepare the weapons.
    Moments pass and nothing happens. Silence is still in the air. Jason breaks the silence. “Maybe you just overreacted.” He says. Jason sheathed his blade, and Valerie puts her staff away. Leo and Mikomi are still armed. “It was nothing guys. Lets just keep going down-” Jason is cut off by an explosion. They go flying back, but luckily they land on their feet. There are little black goblins and another being that looks like an armored troll.
    “Shadows!” Mikomi yells. “Just scouts though! We can take them out!” a strange orb of black light appears in front of Mikomi. “Awaken, Death Knight!” Mikomi yells at the orb. A knight in crimson black armor appears before him. A huge black sword in his arms. “Quickly, summon your Spirits!” Mikomi charges with Death Knight at the Shadows.
    A yellow sparkling orb appears in front of Leo. “If this is my fate,” Leo points the gun at the orb. “then I must accept it! Awaken, Inazuma!” He shoots the orb, causing Inazuma to appear beside him. “Lets go Inazuma!” Leo charges with Inazuma.
    A red flaming orb appears in front of Jason. “My heart is burning up!” Jason prepares his blade. “So lets show them our flames! Awaken, Raisa!” He pieces right through the orb. Raisa flies above him. “Burn baby burn!” Jason charges with Raisa.
    A blue icy orb appears in front of Valerie. “I can do this.” she puts the staff in front of her. “Awaken, Loch Nesia!” A floating creature of the sea appears next to her. “Now please help me!” Valerie prepares her staff. The fight has begun!
    Mikomi sheathes his blade. Death Knight stands over him. Jason takes his blade out of a black goblins head. Raisa lands gracefully. Leo is reloading his pistol. Inazuma lays down next to him. Valerie just stands there with Loch Nesia over her. “That was way too easy. I mean, my Spirit didn’t use her abilities.” Jason says.
    Leo finishes with his pistol. “I didn’t even get to use my new bullets. I just used two Energy Bullets.” Leo’s pistol disappears back into his armor.
    “Yes, Spirits make life much more easier. But they also make you weak. I don’t always suggest using them.” Mikomi says. “You may return Death Knight.” Death Knight returns to a black orb, and goes back inside him.
    Leo scratches Inazuma’s stomach. “Come back Inazuma.” Inazuma returns to a yellow orb, and goes back inside him.
    Jason looks at Raisa. “Well then. Come on Raisa.” Raisa turns into a red orb, and goes back inside him.
    “Thank you for your help Loch Nesia.” Loch Nesia turns into a blue orb, and goes back inside her.
    “To the gem!” Jason yells. He begins to march to gem again. Our heroes follow him once again. Minutes past until our heroes finally arrive at a building. The building is already collapsing on itself. “I think. The gem is inside here.” Jason says his his hand on his mouth.
    Mikomi walks inside the ruins. “Might as well explorer. Come on!” Mikomi yells. Our heroes follow him inside. The ruins are vast and covered in vegetation. the roof is gone, with the sun looming over them. “Amazing isn’t it?” Mikomi asks.
    All of them walk forward. A pedestal with a glowing black and blue gems stands before them. Mikomi and Leo walk up to grab the gems. “Its fine. I can hold on to them for you.” Mikomi says with a grin. Leo grabs the blue one.
    “Its alright. I can carry one.” Leo walks up to Jason. “I don’t trust him. Be careful.” Leo whispers to him. Mikomi grabs the black gem, and examines it. Mikomi begins to laugh to himself.
    “Why are you laughing?” Valerie ask.
    “Hehe. Hahaha!” Mikomi’s laugh escalates. “Mwahaha! I can’t believe I found you.” Mikomi talks to the gem. “Can you hear me? Can you hear your servant?” Nothing happens. Jason starts to walk forward, but he is stopped by Leo. He shakes his head. Mikomi realizes our heroes are still there. He puts the gem in his satchel.
    “You are all useless to me now.” Mikomi slowly walks up to them. He grabs the hilt of his blade.
    “What’s wrong Mik-” Valerie stops talking. Leo and Jason eyes grow. Mikomi smirks widely. Blood splatters all over his face and armor. “omi...” her final words spill out of her mouth. Mikomi takes the blade out of her body, and she plops to the ground. Blood spewing out of her.
    Leo and Jason are frozen, watching. Mikomi stands over her, laughing. “Mwahaha!” He turns to them, blood still covering his face. “I’m not going to kill you idiots.” he jumps unrealistically to the top of the ruins. “You will see me again.” Mikomi disappears. Leo and Jason are frozen in place.
    Leo falls to his knees. “He killed her.” he say quietly. “He killed her right in front of us.”
    Jason puts his hand on his shoulder. “Lets take her back. Come on.” Jason helps him up. Both of them pick up Valerie, and go back to camp.

    Divan is standing at the camp fire listening to what Jason and Leo are saying. “Mikomi did this?” Divan asks. Both Jason and Leo nod. “And he took the black gem?” both nod again. “That is not good. Do both of you feel fine?”
    “I’ve felt better, but I can handle it just fine.” Jason says.
    “Yes. I must be strong, so don’t worry about me.” Leo says.
    “Good, come with me to then. I want both of you to listen to the conference.” Divan begins to walk towards the giant tent. Jason and Leo catch up to him. “Remember, it is a honor to come to the meeting. So please don’t cause trouble.” Jason smirks. They enter the tent. A group of men and women surround the table. One of them is in gold plated armor.
    “The Emperor.” Leo is astonished. Next to the king is a man in silver plated armor, with a women dressed in white silk. “But who are they?”
    “They’re the King and Queen Skarvog.” Jason whispers to him. “And you see the girl in front of them?” A mystical women in a long silky robe sits in front of them. “She’s the Duchess of Corelia.”
    “Your highness, if I might ask. What are you planning to do to fight back the shadows?” The duchess asks. Her hand moves around as if she were in water. Divan sits down at the table.
    “And he has finally arrived!” The emperor yells cheerfully. “This is my plan Duchess. I have recruited the very opposite of the Generals, Spirit Callers!” The Emperor yells.
    “Is that really it your highness?” the King asks.
    “Of course not. There's more to the plan, but now we have our main power force! The two behind you are the Spirit Callers I’m guessing?” Emperor asks Devin.
    “Yes, the one to my left is Jason. The one to my right is Leo. Both of them showed exceptional talent.” Divan replies.
    “Where is Mikomi?” The Queen asks.
    “He disappeared after he murdered someone.” Jason says. Everything is silent. “Now can we discuss the plan, because there is no way just us three Spirit Callers can do anything.”
    “Three? I brought Valerie with me. Where is she?” Dutchess asks. They don’t say anything. “Oh, I see. Well then, two of your Spirit Callers are gone. Will the plan still work?”
    “Of course. My army will attack from the front with Corelia supports with her mages. Divan will lead my part of the army, while Skarvog will wait on the side. The two Spirit Callers will run off to a tower to shoot a firework to single Skarvog to join. And then we win.” Emperor explains.
    “Thats it? You could send any scout to do that. Why would you need us to go?” Leo asks. They look at him with eyes like daggers. “SIgh. I apologize. Its a wonderful plan.”
    The meeting continues as if Leo didn’t say anything to begin with. “The beginning and end of the war begins at dawn. Get your men ready.” Divan says. He stands up, and instructs our heroes to leave. Outside Divan stops them. “I know it’s not as thrilling as you think it is, but this is very important. Just send the firework once you get to the top.” Divan walks away from them.
    Both of them look extremely tired. “Lets go give the trainer the plant. Then we can take a long beautiful nap!” Jason says. Leo and Jason walk around till they find the trainer. “Heres your flower.” Jason hands him the flower.
    The man grabs it happily. “Thank you so much! You must want a reward of course.”
    “No, its fine. We did it your dog, not for an award.” Leo says.
    “Well then thank you. Good luck with your hounds.” Jason says, the trainer leaves. Both of them leave to find tents, Eventually they each find a tent. “See you later bro.” Jason enters the tent. Leo stands in front of his for a few seconds.
    “I’m going to find you Mikomi. And I’m going to kill you with my own pistol.” Leo tells himself. He enters the tent.

    Leo is sleeping soundlessly in his tent. His fingers wrapped around his pistol. Jason barges in. “Leo! Wake up!” Leo instantly sits up and points the gun to his head. “Put your gun down! Lets go!” Jason exits the tent. Leo follows him out. The blackness of night covers them. The entire camp is deserted. “There gone!” Jason is in the middle of the deserted camp yelling.
    Leo looks around. “They must already be in position! Let’s go!” Leo and Jason run to the bridge. They arrive to see mages standing there, preparing to cast their magic. Underneath them is the entire army standing there. Ready for war. “I think we’re just in time.”
    Down at the frontlines. Divan is standing next to the Emperor. “I can sense them coming. At arms!” He yells. The entire army put their shield up. The Shadows march through the forest. Blackening their surroundings as they walk. “Archers get ready!” The archers prepare their bows. “Fire!” A sea of arrows fill the sky. Each of them lit up. They crash down on the ground, destroying the army. “Charge!” the armies finally collide.
    “Come on! Lets go!” Jason yells. Both of them start to run as fast as they can through the bridge. Giant fireballs keep hitting the sides of it. A giant one goes soaring in the air. It crashes right next to both of them. Both of them go flying back. Jason hangs off the side by one arm. Leo runs to grab him. He pulls him back up. “Thanks, now lets go!” Both of them run towards the tower again.
    They arrive at the entrance of the tower. Guards are fighting against groups of Shadows. Jason and Leo take out their weapons. Jason runs with his sword at the Shadows from behind, sword ready. “Swordsman Move: Berserker Blade!” Jason uses all his energy for a massive swing of his sword. It cuts through five armored Shadows like butter.
    Leo runs at the big Shadow. The Shadow looks like a small ogre. Leo climbs it with ease, and back flips of it. The pistol is aimed right at its head. “Gunner Move: Bullet Blast!” A blue stream of light comes out of the pistol extremely fast. The beam hits the Shadow right between the eyes. Its head explodes, and it falls to the ground. Leo lands on his feet gracefully. “Direct hit!” He yells.
    “Quickly, follow us! We need to get to the top of the tower!” Jason yells at the guards. All of them run inside the tower. The first floor is silent. “I really hate silence now.” They walk through the dark and eerie floor. Eventually they find the first set of stairs. “Oh no. Stairs. My only weakness.” Jason says with a frown.
    19 floors later. Jason is on the floor panting. “I. Hate. Stairs!” Leo helps him back up. Jason searches through his satchel, and takes out a bottle of ale. “Thank Messiah!” Jason chugs the bottle of ale. He throws the bottle at the wall. “I feel good now. Lets go!” they continue to march forward.
    Leo looks around. It seems he is worried about their surrounding. “Where are the Shadows?” he asks. “There should be more Shadows.”
    “Are you complaining that there isn’t any Shadows?” Jason asks. “That good!”
    “I thought you wanted to kill some Shadows.” Leo retorts. Jason stops in his tracks.
    “Touche.” Jason continues to walk. “I bet we’re going to set off a trap right now.” Nothing happens. “Thats too bad.” Jason continues walking to the next set of stairs. Something hits his leg. “What in the...?” A giant fireball shoots from the wall, and hits them directly. Leo jumps behind Jason. The fireball explodes on them. The guards burn to crisp, until they turn to dust. Nothing happens to Jason and Leo.
    “You're a good shield Jason.” Leo says with a smile.
    “Why didn’t I get hurt?” Jason looks at himself as he talks.
    “Your Spirit is of the fire God. So therefore, fire doesn’t do anything to you.” Leo explains. “Sigh. Its too bad our guards are now ash. Hopefully we don’t meet any Shadows.” Jason and Leo go up the stairs to the final floor.
    The floor is humongous. A set of explosives are lined next to the window. But thats not what is eye catching in the room. A giant ogre is eating a guard. It hasn’t notice Jason or Leo yet. They close the door quickly. “Is that a General?!” Jason whisper yells.
    “Well it is much larger than the one at the front of the tower.” Leo whispers. “It might be a General. What should we do?”
    “Well isn’t it obvious?” Leo shakes his head. “We’re going to kill it!” Jason is uber excited. He opens the gate. “Hey asshole!” Jason yells. The General turns to look at him. “My heart is burning with passion!” a red orb appears in front of him. “So lets show them our flames! Awaken, Raisa!” Jason pierces the orb. Raisa flies above him.
    “ROAR!” The General pounds the floor beneath him. Leo takes his cannon out, and charges it up.
    “Lets do this Raisa! Spirit Move: Flame Wing!” Raisa’s wings are engulfed in flames. She flies at top speed towards the General. General punches Raisa, causing her to hit the walls. Jason goes flying against the wall as well. He gets right back up. “What the fudge!” Jason yells. “He just punched her away?!”
    “Don’t forget! Generals are just Spirits that lost their way!” Leo yells. His cannon is starting to light up from the inside. “The cannon is almost ready! Hold it off a little longer!” Jason wipes the blood from his mouth.
    “Fine then! Lets go! Spirit Move: Flame Barrage!” Raisa opens her wings, and fireballs shoot out of them. The General uses his arm to block most of the fireballs. “What the hell. Why is not being affected by my fire?!” Jason is stomping on the ground. The General goes on all fours.
    “ROAR!” it howls as loud as it can. The hair on its begin to engulf in flames. It stands up on its hind legs. Now with red flames coming out. “I am Blazon. The fire ogre.” Blazon voice is low and deep.
    “Oh, that totally makes sense.” Jason says. “You ready Leo?!”
    Leo’s cannon glows brightly. “Fully charged! Lets do this!” Leo runs with his cannon in front of Blazon. “Gunner Move: Cannon Blast!” A giant blue cannon bolt shoots out of the cannon. Blazon sticks his hand out. The cannon bolt explodes around it. Blazon’s arm is gone, but a flame erupts from him. Another arm instantly grows. “that was my most powerful attack.”
    Jason runs next to him. “Summon your Spirit. We can beat it with both of ours.” Leo nods.
    “If this is my destiny,” a yellow orb appears in front of Leo. He aims his pistol at it. “then I must accept it! Awaken, Inazuma!” He shoots the orb, and Inazuma appears next to him. “Attack him from above Jason!” Jason runs at it from the side.
    “Spirit Move: Flame Barrage!” Raisa shoots fireballs out of her wings. Blazon stops them with its arm. Leo runs at him from the front.
    “Now attack him while he’s distracted! Spirit Move: Electric Claw!” Kazuma’s claw is electrified. He charges at Blazon, and jumps in the air claws first. The claws pierce through Blazon’s touch skin. A electric blast explodes, and Kazuma jumps back next to Leo. “Good job Inazuma.” Leo smiles. The mist around Blazon slowly disappears. It appears still standing. His flames are even larger.
    “Damn it! Its going to take more than both our Spirit to beat this thing!” Jason yells. Leo looks at him, then back at Blazon. At the General’s neck is a small opening. Leo eyes widen. He takes out his cannon.
    “I have an idea! But I don’t think you’re going to like it!” Leo yells.
    “Any plan is a good one right now!” Jason yells. He runs to Leo.
    “Get in my cannon.”
    Jason steps back. “WHAT?!”
    “Get in my cannon. Don’t worry, I used up the energy. But I can still shoot things. Like you said, we need to be a team on this.”
    “Let me get this straight. You want me to get inside your highly powerful cannon, so you can shoot me at the Spirit that is blazing with fire?”
    “Go to the Void.”
    “Just get in!” Leo slams the cannon on Jason. He fits in perfectly. “Perfect!”
    “Get me out of here!!!” Jason is squirming in the cannon.
    “Get your sword ready!” Leo aims it at Blazon’s neck. “Team Move: Phoenix Torpedo!” Leo shoots Jason out at top speed. Jason positions his sword in front of him.
    “AUGH!!!!” Jason yells at the top of his lungs. The sword pierces right through its neck. Jason holds on for dear life as Blazon falls to the ground. Its body dissolves, and Jason falls to the ground.
    “Direct hit!” Leo yells. Leo runs at him. “You okay?” Jason opens his eyes.
    “That was amazing.” Jason says with a grin. “Why didn’t we do that the first time?!” Jason jumps back up. “Haha!” Both of them laugh. “Now for the fireworks!” Both of them run to the window with their Spirits. They light up the match, and the fireworks go flying into the night sky.
    The fireworks fill the sky. The King of Skyvog stares at them. The Queen walks up to him. “Your orders?”
    The King looks at her. “Retreat.”
    “Understood.” The Queen walks to the front of the army. “Retreat!” The army marches away. The King goes on his horse, and rides away.
    Divan and the Emperor are cutting through Shadows. But the army is slowly being cut down. Only a few stand. The firework lights up the night sky. “Where is Skyvog?!” yells Divan.
    The Emperor stabs a Shadow from behind. “They should arrive any second!” Something large charges through the Shadow army. “What is that?” the giant thing appears in front of them. Its another Blazon. “Mother of-” Blazon smashes the Emperor in a bloody pile.
    “Your highness!” Divan yells. Blazon turns to him. Divan grits his teeth. He charges at it, and climbs it fluently. He puts his blade up. “Burn in the Void you fiend!” Divan pierces Blazon’s neck. It dissolves away, and Divan lands on his feet. He turns to see a mace swinging to his face.
    Leo and Jason are sitting on chairs on top of the tower. Inazuma is sleeping, with Raisa sitting on top of him. Leo is cleaning the inside of the cannon, while Jason is cleaning his blade. “You know, I think I’m going to like this. Its calm, peaceful, and the view is amazing.” Jason looks outside. “Except for the whole war thing.” Leo looks outside.
    He raises an eyebrow. “Should we go help them already?” Leo asks.
    “Nah. I think we did enough fighting.” Jason takes out two bottles of ale. He opens one of them, and begins to sip. “Want some?” Jason hands him a bottle.
    “Sure. Never tried it before.” Leo sips it. He makes a face, looks at it, then sips again. “It taste terrible.” Leo sips it again.
    “If it taste so terrible, why are you still drinking it?”
    “I ran out of tea.” Leo sips more. “And I’m really thirsty.” Both of them continue to sip.
    “I’m just glad we don’t have to eat bagels and cuddle.”
    “It was an accident! And don’t forget who called me Rachel as he was holding me!”
    “She doesn’t exist! So why are you angry?”
    “I’m not angry! I just think you shouldn’t call me Rachel while we’re cuddling!”
    “We weren’t cuddling! And we won’t do it again!” Jason stands up vigorously!
    “Then don’t call me Rachel!” Leo stands up. “If anything I’m an Mitsuru!”
    “Mitsuru?! Seriously?” the Spirits start to look at them. “At best you're a Kelly!”
    “Kelly?! I’m a Kelly to you?!” the Spirits go back to sleep. Our two idiotic heroes continue to bicker. A loud noise comes from outside the door. “What was that?”
    “Lets check it out.” Jason and Leo prepare their weapons. They slowly walk up to the door, ready for battle. Both of them split up next to the door. Jason makes motions with his hands to Leo. Leo cocks his head. Jason frowns. “I’m trying to sa-” BOOM! The door explodes, and both of them go flying. They land hard on the ground. Both of them pass out. Shadows begin to run inside. Our heroes Spirits go to there side quickly.

    Next morning, our heroes wake up to see bloody dead Shadows on the ground, and there Spirits sleeping next to them. Both of them stare grougly at each other. “What happened?” Jason asks. An arrow is sticking out of his shoulder.
    “The door exploded, some Shadows barged in, and we passed out.” an arrow is sticking out of his knee. “Oh no. I took an arrow to the knee.” Both Leo and Jason take the arrow out. “I’m guessing our Spirits killed the Shadows, then disappeared when they realized we were safe.” Both of them stand up.
    “Well then thank you Spirits!” Jason stretches his arms. “Now lets go see the aftermath of the battle.” Both of them start to leave the tower.
    Leo and Jason are standing on the bridge looking over the extremely bloody battle field. The sun is hitting them as they watch. “I can’t tell if we won or not.” Leo says
    “I have no clue.” Jason replies. They continue to look at the battlefield. “Well then, lets get out of here.” Both of them walk the way they came from. The morning sunshine hits them through the trees. A small lake calmly sits as they pass by. “You would have never known there was a war here.”
    Leo watches the wind blow through the trees. “There’s some bandits about to show up.” Leo says nonchalantly. A group of men in ragged leather armor walk behind him.
    “Look what we have here.” One of the bandits say.
    “I just woke up.” Jason whispers. “I don’t want to fight right now.” the bandits don’t say anything. Leo and Jason turn around confused. The bandits are on the floor in a bloody goop. A little dog with black fur is wagging its tail in front of them.
    “Luke?” Leo is confused. Jason eyes light up. He falls on his knees on hugs Luke.
    “Can we keep him?!” Jason looks at him extremely happy.
    “He’s going to make a mess.”
    “I promise I’ll clean it!”
    “Well then, sure. You can keep him.” Leo grins. Jason up in the air.
    “Yay! Lets go Luke!” Jason runs with Luke on his side. Leo walks behind them.

    “And so ends today’s tale. Thank you very much for listening.” The old man tells you. You look back at the painting. “I guess thats it for today. If you ever want to hear the rest of the story. Then you can find me here.” You nod, and thank him. You leave, thinking about the story you have heard.
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    Chapter 3: Prison sucks

    You decide to visit the museum once again. You realize that once you finish the story, you’re going to spend a lot of money. But you just can’t thinking about the old man and the story. You look for the darkened hallway. Eventually you find the darkened hallway. You turn the lights back on to see the old man staring at the painting. You wonder why he’s always here. “Why hello again. Would you like to continue?” You nod your head. “Then let us continue. Our heroes start to walk to their lovely kingdom, with their new partner Luke.”

    Leo, Jason, and Luke are walking through the woods. Both of our human heroes still don’t know about what happened during the battle. They just continue to blindly follow the trail through the woods. Hours have passed, and the sun is setting. Our heroes decide to make camp.
    Leo starts to work on sleeping mats and food. “Can you go get some firewood? I need to cook the food.” He asks. Jason nods, and begins to walk in the forest. Luke runs next to him. Leo begins to get the campfire ready. Something moves in the bushes behind him. He turns behind him. “Is something there?” the bushes move a little more. Leo takes his gun out and begins to walk closer.
    As he walks closer, the bushes moves even more. Leo puts the pistol in front of him. He uses his other hand to slowly open it. “Gotcha!” Leo points the pistol at a little panda. The panda looks at him afraid. It falls to the ground. “Mr.Panda! I’m sorry!” Leo falls to the ground to pick it up.
    Jason walks out of the woods with a pile of wood in his arms. Even Luke has firewood in his mouth. Jason looks around for Leo. He sees Leo’s white armor next to a bush, shaking. “Um... Do you need alone time?” Jason asks afraid. Leo turns around with a panda in his arms.
    “Did you say something?” Leo cocks his head. Jason drops the wood on the ground.
    “What is that?” Jason asks with emphasis. Leo looks even more confused. “That! The white and black thing in your arms!” Leo looks down.
    Leo looks back at him. “Its a panda bear.” his face is completely deadpan. “Isn’t he cute? I called him Mr.Panda.” Leo holds him up with a giant smile. Jason stares at him.
    “I hope you're telling me we’re eating it.”
    “Of course not!” Leo hides the panda. “Mr.Panda is my sidekick. Like you and Luke.”
    “No. Not like me and Luke. Luke is a war dog. Mr.Panda is a fucking panda!” Jason yells.
    “We’ll discuss this later!” Leo replies. “Now put the firewood down and start a fire already!” Leo puts Mr.Panda in his satchel. Jason just shakes his head, and begins to work on the fire.
    After our heroes eat their dinner, they start to discuss Mr.Panda. After a long and heated arguement. Our heroes finally decide what to with him. Leo places Mr.Panda on the ground. “I’m sorry bud. But Jason says your too cute.”
    “Thats not what I said at all.” Jason tries to explain to the panda. “Wait! What am I talking about?! Just hurry up and kill the thing!” Jason walks back to the sleeping mat, and he lies down on it. Leo stares at Mr.Panda.
    “Just go. Quickly!” Leo shoos him away. Mrr.Panda starts to run away. Leo takes out his pistol, and shoots the air. He holstered the gun back in his armor. Sadly, he walks to the sleeping mat. As they sleep, glowing eyes watch over them. It suddenly disappears into the night.

    Izanagi is playing with a panda that looks strangely strong. He tickles is and plays with it. Tera starts playing with the panda with him. Fuoco and Arashi watch them. Izanami walks up to Fuoco and Arashi. “What are they doing?”
    “Izanagi saw his, um what should we call them? He watched his servant playing with a panda. So he asked Tera to make his own panda. That right there is Mr.Sparks the lightning rabbit.” Fuoco explains.
    Izanami looks at Tera and Izanagi. “Husband.” She calls for Izanagi. He turns to her. “Will you be giving your new being to your servant?” she asks sweetly. Izanagi’s eyes widen. He runs to the edge of the clouds.
    He gets ready to throw Mr.Sparks. “Go find my servant Mr.Sparks! I believe in you!” Izanagi uses all his power to throw the bunny. Lightning strikes. Izanami smiles. Arashi notices.
    “You only did that because he was playing with Tera right?” Arashi asks.
    “Completely.” She turns and walks to her chair.

    Jason and Leo are sleeping soundly. The sun slowly rises above them, but clouds also seem to floating over them. A giant thunder bolt hits the ground, and it begins to rain. Our heroes jump up, shocked. They look around prepared to fight. Heavy rain begins to pour on the area. Both of the look gloomy as they as they run under a tree. “Sigh. Why Gods, why?” Jason asks with a frown.
    Leo takes his pistol out. He aims it right above him. “Engineer Move: Energy Barrier.” his pulls the trigger, and a blue barrier comes out of the barrel. The barrier surrounds them. Leo holsters his gun.
    Jason looks at the barrier and Leo confused. “Engineer move?”
    “I’m an engineer gunner. Thats why I’m able to change my weapons instantly, and thats how I always have bullets.” Leo takes his pistol back out. He takes out the ammo cartridge. Its just a blue glowing cartridge. “I don’t actually use bullets. I use pure energy that is transmuted with my armor. My armor creates energy and transmits it the my guns.”
    He puts the cartridge back in the pistol. “Thats why I always have to make sure I have enough energy for my cannon and gatling gun. They use up a lot of energy.” Leo starts to walk away. Jason is still very confused.
    “But what is this barrier? Can engineers use magic?”
    Leo chuckles. “I’m an engineer not a mage. I don’t use magic. I use technology. This barrier is just stabilized energy. Do you understand now?”
    Jason looks at the ground for a few seconds. “Nope, but whatever. I stopped caring after you showed me your fake bullets.” Jason just puts his arms behind his head. “Now use your engineer powers to take us to a village Mr. Fancy Pants.” Leo shrugs and takes his map out. Our heroes continue their adventure back home. As they walk, a bush shakes, and a mysterious figure disappears behind it.

    Our heroes arrive to a bridge over a rapid river. The rapid river falls down the side of a large cliff. Leo is reading a book, and Jason still has his arms behind his head. The rain has stopped, so the barrier has disappeared. The air is now very refreshing, but sadly a group of armed men are waiting on the bridge. The first armed man stops them. “Hello gentleman. In order to pass the bridge you have to pay a 50 gold fine.” he says with a grin.
    Leo doesn’t look up from his book. “No. We can tell your bandits, so we’re not giving you anything.”
    The armed men stand up behind the main one. The main man frowns. “Thats very sad. We are just gaining money for the beloved town passed here.”
    Jason yawns and stretches. “Dude we don’t care. We know you're bandits. Our dog killed some of acquaintances.” Luke barks in between them. “So get out of our way, or we’re going to throw you off the waterfall.” Jason stares at them with fire in his eyes. His hand slowly moving the hilt of his blade, itching to grab it.
    The armed man grits his teeth. “I’m warning you kid. I’m a gunner.” the man has a threatening voice. Leo looks up, and closes his book. “Oh so that brought your attention.” The armed man grins. He takes out a black pistol with a strange red emblem on the side. “Now, pay the fine.”
    Leo opens his satchel, and slowly puts the book back. “People like you ruin the name of gunner.” Leo looks at the man with sparks in his eye. The man steps back. “A true gunner uses his technology for good and advancement.” Leo moves his hand so quickly, like a blur. The white pistol is placed on the mans head. “This is where your fate ends.” he pulls the trigger.
    Blood splatters on Leo and Jason’s face. The falls to the ground. Spewing out blood. “Take the other men out. Don’t kill them though.” Leo tells Jason as he wipes the blood from his face. He crouches down next to dead gunner. Jason grins.
    “Hahahaha! Perfect!” Jason unsheathes his blade. The armed men stare at them, with fear in their eyes. “Lets do this you bastards!” Jason sprints towards them. Leo inspects the corpse. The corpse’s face is absolutely decimated, but Leo doesn’t even care about that. Something metal pokes out of the corpse’s armor.
    “Oh there you are.” Leo pulls out a black handgun. The gun is thick and heavy. He opens up the cartridge. The bullets inside are not like Leo’s. Leo takes a bullet out and raises to eye level. “What a strange bullet.” Leo looks back at the handgun. “A hand cannon. How rare.” Leo looks back at the corpse. “I wonder who you stole this from.” Leo puts the gun in his satchel, and then stands back up.
    Jason jumps up in the air. “From above you bastards!” Jason lands on one of the larger armed men. He repeatedly punches at him until the man falls to the ground. Jason spins around. “Now for some swordplay.” Jason grins maniacally. He unsheathes his blade. “Sword Master Move: Bursting Blade!” A fire ignites in his eyes. His sword moves at extreme speed. A barrage of attacks hits the armed men. Each attack piercing through them.
    Jason stops attacking them. The armed heroes fall to to the ground. Jason smiles and laughs. He sheathes his blade and turns to Leo. Leo is relaxing on the bridge railing while reading. “You finished?” He asks Jason without looking up.
    “Did you see that?! My new move worked!” Jason is excited. He jumps around with joy. Suddenly he stops. “Wait, why did you just shoot the guy for no reason? Thats not like you at all.”
    “I don’t like bandits. Also he was giving gunners a bad name.”Leo puts his book away as he talks. “Now lets go. The next village is really close!” Leo begins to walk away. Jason walks behind him with Luke next to him.

    Our heroes finally arrive to a lovely village under a hill. A lake with people fishing is next to the sweet village. “Well this place looks great.” Leo says with a reassuring smile. The village seems to be at peace, but the villagers whisper as our heroes walk past them.
    Another village whispers as they walk past them. Jason looks at his body armor. “Do we still have blood on us?” Jason asks. Leo looks at him, and then at himself. He shakes his head. “Oh, well then I guess they’re whispering because of our sexiness.” Jason chuckles. Leo grins and they continue to walk.
    Shining in the middle of the village, is a templar in his white armor. “You too! Get over here!” The seemingly nice paladin yells at our heroes. Both of them look at each other and nod. Slowly they walk up to the templar. “You two mercenaries better not do anything to this peaceful town!”
    Leo frowns. “Well that’s rude. Not all mercenaries are cruel you know.” Leo cocks his head suddenly. “Wait, how did you know we were mercenaries to begin with?”
    The templar takes out a golden ball. “Well you filthy mercenaries. Templars have this magic orb to sense any magic, and to identify people who might be on the run.” the magic orb starts to emit a strange light. “What?!” The templar looks at our heroes. He drops the magic orb, and a magic seal appears under them.
    Our heroes try to move, but they’re paralyzed. “What's going on?!” Jason yells through his clenched teeth. The templar takes out two strange glowing cuffs. He locks both of our heroes hands with it. “What in Thanatos is this?!” Jason tries to yell again.
    “Both of you are under arrest!” The templar yells angrily. Villagers begin to come out of their homes. “Anything you do or say will be used to beat you!”
    “Thats not how the chant goes!” Jason yells. Jason continues to try moving, but nothing happens. “Leo! DO something!”
    “I can’t touch my pistol!” The templar unsheathes his blade. He hits both of the behind the head. They go unconscious, still standing though. The templar picks up the ball, turning the seal off. Our heroes fall to the ground.

    Our heroes wake up in only their boxers. They seem to be inside a cage. Outside the cage an open room with a giant double door in front of them. Jason jumps up furious. “Damnit! Why are we naked?!”
    Leo stands up looking around curiously. “Well technically we’re in our boxers.” Leo tries to calm down the enraged Jason.
    “Thats not any better Leo!” It didn’t work.
    “Sigh. I forget why we were here.” Leo walks around the cage as Jason tries to break down the pipes. Leo stops to look at himself. “Where’s our stuff?”
    “Did you really just realize that?”
    “Jason, we have to get my stuff back.” Leo is afraid for some odd reason.
    “Why is your stuff so special?” Jason asks. Leo is silent. “Sigh. Don’t worry. We’ll get your robot armor and totally overpowered weapons. First, we need to get out of here.” Jason relaxes on the bars. Leo turns to look around. Jason stares at his back. “Is that a tattoo?!”
    Angel like wings are tattooed on Leo’s back. “What?” Leo turns around. “Oh the wings? I got them year ago. Something about gunner and engineer pride. I don’t really remember. Does it look nice?”
    Jason stares at him perplexed. “Actually it suits you somehow.” Jason just nods. Both of them just stand there. Thinking. For quite a while. “By the wrath of Fuoco. I’m going to burn this cage.” Jason says gritting his teeth.
    Leo’s eyes light up with an idea. “Why don’t we just use our Spirits?!” Jason slaps himself, then Leo. “Ouch! What was that for?!”
    “Because we didn’t think about that sooner! Now hurry up and summon yours.” Jason stands there waiting.
    “Why me?”
    “You have a wolf Spirit, I have a bird Spirit. And we’re in a cage.” Jason looks at him with a frown.
    “You are really rude today.” Leo frowns. “If this is my fate,” a yellow orb appears in front of him. “then I must accept it!” Leo pokes it. “Do I really need a gun to summon my Spirit now?” the orb suddenly explodes and Inazuma appears.The cage breaks easily. ROAR! Inazuma looks angry being summoned in a cage. “Sorry Inazuma.” Leo starts to scratch the back of Inazuma’s ear. He starts to wag his tail.
    Jason starts to walk. “Come on it’s time to go. Put Inazuma away.” Jason orders. Inazuma returns to Leo. Jason continues to walk. He turns his head towards Leo. “Quickly lets leave-” Jason walks into something, and falls down on top of it.
    Jason is on top of a girl with long red pigtails and big yellow eyes. She is only wearing a black high cut sweater, and short black shorts with a red belt. She looks up at Jason. Her face instantly blushes. Jason stares at her confused. Both of them just stay in the same position.
    Leo stares at them, and looks around embarrassed. He scratches the back of his head. “Um... Do you want me to leave?” Leo asks awkwardly. Both the girl and Jason turn their heads to Leo.
    “PERVERT!” the girl yells at the top of her lungs. She punches Jason right across the face. He goes flying back. “Get away from me!” The girl jumps up. She takes out a blood red sword. “Why are you out of your cages?!”
    “Our cages? Wait a minute. Are you a guard?” Leo asks. She turns to him with fire in her eyes.
    “GET BACK IN YOUR CAGES!” her yell brings goosebumps on our heroes. “NOW!” They run back into their destroyed cage. She takes out a small book with a strange seal in it. “Noto aru Komi.” the cage reconstructs itself. “Now, if you ever get out of your cages. I’ll gut you Pervert.” she points at Jason. “While you watch Pretty Boy.” then points at Leo. She grins the scariest grin ever.

    Our two heroes stay in their cage with fear. The mysterious woman sits in front of the cage. Just staring at them. Only silence. “So uh...” Leo opens his mouth to talk.
    “Shut up.” the mysterious girl stops him. Leo closes his mouth. “Now, I’m going to answer one question. From each of you, because if I don’t. You’re going to annoy the shit out of me. Now. Go first Pretty Boy.”
    Leo flinches, but steadies himself. “Where’s our stuff?”
    “In my office. Including your dog. As for why they’re in my office. I don’t want any of my filthy guards to touch Pretty Boy’s armor.” she explains. “Go ahead Pervert.”
    Jason grits his teeth, but he calms himself down. “Where are we?”
    “Haha.” She chuckles. “I never introduced this place did I.” She stands up. “I am Rachel Draco. And this is my prison. Welcome to Draco Asylum!” She extends her arms as she yells. A wall of fire explodes behind her. “Haha! I love doing that.” once again, her grin scares the living daylights of Leon and Jason.
    “Draco Asylum?! But we were at that peaceful village with the lovely crops and hills with sunsets!” Jason yells and jumps up.
    “DON’T YELL AT ME!” Rachel yells. Jason sits back down. “Now then. You were at that shitball village. But now you’re at Draco Island. On Draco Asylum.” she sits back down.
    “Wait, if you run this asylum... Then why are you here?” Leo asks. She looks at him.
    “Because its fun to watch both of you squirm in your underwear. Hahah!” she laughs maniacally. Both of our heroes stare at each other. “I don’t have all day. So I’m just going to go eat my lunch. Here’s the keys. Your things are on a boat outside.” she throws a set of keys at our heroes. “I hope you remember me.” she grins slyly. Right before she leaves the room she turns at our heroes. “I’ll see both of you very soon.” She winks and closes the door behind her.
    “What in Fuoco’s beard just happened?” Jason stares at the door. “I’m so confused.”
    “Wait. So is she the prison guard? Or just some random girl?” Leo asks.
    “I don’t want to know. Lets just leave.” Jason says with a frown.

    Our heroes are rowing on a boat with their clothes finally on. Luke sits down in between them wagging his tail. Leo and Jason are still thinking about the strange girl named Rachel. “So... Do you think she..?” Leo begins to talk.
    “Lets just forget it okay?” Jason stops him from talking. “We murdered a bandit group, got arrested, and harassed by some woman that both terrified me and aroused me.” Jason shudders as he talks.
    “Aroused?” Leo turns to him confused. Jason’s face turns red.
    “KEEP ROWING DAMN IT!” Jason yells.

    Our heroes arrive to the sandy shores of Avalon. Jason inhales and exhales. “This is much better! Too bad we have no idea where we are.” Leo jumps out of the boat behind him.
    “Sigh. We were so close to Raziel too. How far is Draco Island to Raziel by the way?”
    “About as far as Raziel to Skyvog.” Jason grabs his things inside the boat.
    “Skyvog to Raziel?! That can take us months!” Leo yells.
    “Well we’re going to have one hell of a bill. Now lets go before the guards start to look for us.” Jason hands Leo his satchel. “Time to start walking.”

    “Rachel is very mysterious isn’t she? Haha. I can’t wait to tell you about her later.” the old man tells you. He smiles as he chuckles. “Thank you for listening again. Sorry for such a short section of the legend, but I think you have something to do soon.” the man looks at you with a grin. You have no idea what he is talking about, but it’s getting late. Its time to go back home. You bid farewell to the old man, and leave the museum.
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    Chapter 4: The man with the grey eyes

    You visit the old man once again. The story just keeps intriguing you. The old man sits down on a chair looking at the painting. You sit down next to the man. “Why hello. Are you ready to hear of the next part?” You nod. “Well then, let us continue. We left off with our heroes roaming through the forest.”

    Jason and Leo are walking through the forest with Luke by their side. Its been a day since their little Prison adventure. Both of their stomachs’ growl as they walk. Jason rubs his stomach and frowns. “I’m hungry.”
    “Well then, why did you eat our food?” Leo doesn’t even look at him.
    “Luke wanted extra beef!” Jason yells. Leo places his palm on his face. “We should really find a village. That would be very helpful.” Leo looks around his satchel. He takes out a map.
    He looks through it until he finds something that intrigues him. “There’s a village about forty minutes away from here.” Leo shows Jason the map. “You can eat to your hearts content when we get there.” Leo puts the map back in his satchel. Leo continues to walk normally. Jason walks right behind him, with his arms behind his head.
    Our heroes continue to walk through the forest silently. The wind is breezing past them as the sun shine on the trees. Luke sprints to a plant, then back to our heroes. The land is very peaceful.

    A man is sprinting through the forest. Three other guards are running behind him. “Stop! You are under arrest!” One of the guards yells at him. The man jumps over a fallen tree with ease. The guards have to climb it though. They get slowed down.
    The man turns around, continuing to run backwards. “Only if you can catch me!” the man’s eyes glow gray. The remainder of his face is covered by a white hood connected to his coat. Underneath his coat is thin black armor like cloth, and his pants are as black as night.
    He moves his arm towards a tree in front of the guards. “Force Move: Pull.” He closes his palm. The tree is pulled down in front of the guards. They crash into it, slowing them down. The man grins. He turns back around. Sprinting as fast as he can.

    Jason and Leo continue to walk peacefully. Leo begins to whistle a tune as they walk. Something moves in the trees. Jason stops, and puts his arms down. He stares at the suspicious tree. A white mist shoots out of the forest. It hits Jason, and it and Jason fall to the ground. “Ouch!” Jason yells. He sits up.
    A man sits up next to him. His eyes glow gray. He jumps up quickly. Leo barely notices what is going on. The man takes out a small watch from his pocket. “Time to short.” The man looks around. “They’re here.” The man puts the watch in his pocket. Jason opens his mouth to talk, but guards start to surround them from the forest.
    “You are under arrest under Corelia law! Puts your hands behind your head, and get on your knees!” One of the guards with the largest armor yells. The man stands there, staring at him with his glowing eyes. “I will repeat! You are under arrest-!”
    “I heard you the first time.” his voice is calm and cool. The man takes off his hood. Black, short, crimson hair blows in the breeze. A scar is clearly noticeable on the bottom of his cheek. His grey eyes still glow lightly. “I warned you before”, his arm disappears in his coat. “you’re going to have to catch me.” He quickly takes his arm out with a long sleek black pole is in his palm. The middle is wrapped in white bandage, and at the end is short white blade.
    The guards take their weapons out. The leader takes out a giant lance. “This is your last warning. You are arrested. Will you oblige?” the man with the glowing eyes stares at him. “Then you shall die!” The leader charges at him with the lance. The man moves an inch to the left. The lance easily misses him, and the grey eyed man quickly moves his arm forward. He stabs the leader’s forehead.
    He takes the pole out of his skull. He swings it around, cutting the air as if it were a real being. Blood flies off of it. The man spins to look at the guards. Air spins around him. Leo and Jason watch the man. “Lets make this quick.” the man tells them cooly. the guards charge at him.
    The man jumps in the air. “Force Move: Telekinetic Blast.” A pulse of telekinetic energy shoots out of the man's palm. The ground around the guards burst, and they fall to the ground. The man lands gracefully on the ground. A few guards stand up to attack. He gracefully dodges their attacks as if they were nothing. As he dodges, he hits them in the back of their heads with the pole.
    All the guards fighting fall to the ground. They stand up, and run away from the battle. Our heroes and the man with the yellow eyes are the only ones left. He puts the pole sword back in his coat. The man looks at our heroes. “No need to look afraid. I will not harm you.” The man begins to walk away.
    Jason jumps up. “Wait! What kind of sword is that?! Its so quick and sharp. And how did you fit it in your coat?!” Jason’s eyes sparkle. The man’s eyes lightly glow again.
    “Its called a naginata, and its called magic. Now au revoir.” the man starts to walk away again.
    “Where are you going? The only thing that direction is the Forest of Death.” Leo tries to stop him. “If you want, you can come with us to the nearest village.” The man turns to him.
    “How do I know you won’t turn me in?”
    “By the looks of it, you are a telepathic user.” Leo replies. “You could easily crush our minds, or make us forget we ever met you. And since we don’t want to die, you’ll be safe.” The man continues to stare at him. “I swear to you. We will not turn you in.” The man ponders for a few seconds.
    “Then please, let us go.” The man puts his hood up, and begins to walk with him.

    Our heroes and the yellow eyed man are sitting around a table at a pub. The man still has the hood covering his face. A waiter walks up to them. “What would you like?”
    “Ale.” Jason says.
    “Tea.” Leo says.
    “Red wine.” The man says. The waiter leaves with the order.
    “No ale? I would think a man like you would want ale.” says Jason.
    “I am a telepathic naginata artist. I use my mind for everything I do.” The man looks at Jason with his lightly glowing eyes. “Ale destroys your brain. While wine improves it. Next to tea, but I don’t feel like drinking tea right now.” the waiter comes back with their drinks. All of the start to sip their drinks.
    Leo puts his cup down. “Is it rude to ask what your name is?” the man sips his wine slowly, then puts it down.
    “I will not give you my real name, but you can call me Raven. And your names?”
    Jason chugs his ale. “I’m Jason, and this is Leonhardt. Or Leo for short.” Jason slaps Leo’s back. “We can’t ignore the elephant in the room anymore. Who was chasing you? And why were they chasing you?”
    Raven stares at them, than to his wine. “Guards of the Tower of Magi were chasing after me.” Raven sips the wine. Both of our heroes are surprised. “I murdered someone. Then escaped.” Raven sips the rest of his wine.
    “You murdered someone? Who was it?” Leo asks.
    “I don’t see how that is relevant, but it was an elf girl. She had long blue hair, and as beautiful as a blooming flower.” Raven stares at his empty glass. “She was elegant and amazing.”
    “Why did you kill her then?” Leo is intrigued.
    Raven stares at the empty glass, silent. “I don’t want to talk about that anymore. Now it is my turn to ask the questions. Who are you two? You don’t look like regular mercenaries or bandits.”
    “We’re Spirit Callers! The best of the best!” Jason yelled excitedly. He doesn’t even care about what was previously stated. “And we were walking from the fortress to the Kingdom of Raziel.”
    Raven looks up at them, curiously. “Spirit Callers? And from Raziel. Hehe.” For a split second, a grin appears. But it disappears as fast as it appears. “I guess it makes sense. Both of you look like weak Raziel.”
    Jason is no longer happy. “What does that mean? Don’t tell me your from the Kingdom of Skyvog.”
    “Exactly. Do you have a problem with that, fellow Spirit Caller?”
    Both of them stare at eachother for a few seconds. Jason stands up abruptly. “You.” He points to Raven. “Me.” he points to himself. “Duel!” He points to the ground. “Lets do this!”
    Raven stands up. “Fine with me.” Both of walk outside angrily. Luke jumps on Leo’s lap. Leo finishes his tea, and gives Luke some milk. Eventually Luke finishes, and Leo pays for the drinks. He walks outside with Luke.
    Raven and Jason are opposite of eachother. “You said you were a Spirit Caller to right?” Jason says as he takes his sword out.
    “Correct. Do you want to use our Spirits?” Raven watches him, like if Jason were his prey.
    “Sure, that sounds much more interesting. My heart is burning with passion!” a red orb appears in front of him. “So lets show them our flames! Awaken, Raisa!” Jason pierces the orb. Raisa flies above him.
    Raven puts his arm inside his coat. He takes the black naginata. He wields it back handed. With his other arm still free to use. “Travel through the dimensions,” a purple orb appears in front of him. “and come forth from the beyond, Maiagaru.” he spins, and slashes right through it.
    A hole appears in the sky. Something shoots out of it, and the hole disappears. The thing that came out lands out of the ground next to Raven. Its wings expand greatly. “ROAR!” Maiagaru cries into the air. It has a sleek white and green body.
    “A dragon? Seriously? You got a dragon?” Jason mouth opens. “Its doesn’t matter! Lets do this!” Jason charges at him. “Spirit Move: Flame Wing!” Raisa flies towards Maiagaru with her flame wing.
    “Spirit Move: Torrential Gust.” Raven commands Maiagaru. Maiagaru flaps his wings to create a giant gust. Raisa and Jason go flying backwards. He lands on his feet. “Now, attack Maiagaru, while I finish him.” Maiagaru soars in the air. Raisa flies towards it. Raven spins his naginata around, and poses with his arm out. “Now we fight.” Jason grits his teeth. He grips his sword tightly and charges.
    Jason swings his blade. The blade connects with the hilt of the naginata with a loud clank. Jason stammers back. Raven takes the opportunity. He swings the naginata, and hits Jason on the side of his face. Jason jumps back. “Ouch!” he puts his palm on his cheek. He charges at him again.
    Maiagaru and Raisa are soaring around each other. Raisa shooting fireballs, while Maiagaru shoots minit tornadoes. A giant cyclone seems to appear above them. The inhabitants of the town start to come outside. Leo makes sure they don’t get too close. “We apologize, but please don’t get any closer.” Leo tells them.
    Jason continues to swing at Raven, but Raven easily blocks them. Every second a loud clink fills the air. Jason jumps back once again. He tightens his grip on the sword. “Let see your pole handle this! Swordsman Move: Berserker Blade!” Jason swings his sword with all his power. Raven spins the naginata to block it. The blade makes contact with the naginata. Both of them furiously try to stop each other. Jason pushes his blade deeper. He pushes Raven back with his force. Raven flies back.
    “How could you have?” Raven is shocked. Jason laughs to himself. Raven grits his teeth. “Looks like defensive will no longer work.” Raven spins the naginata around. Raven sprints towards him.
    Jason prepares his sword. “Guess that wasn’t enough. Then lets finish this then.” Jason charges at Raven. He swings his sword, but instead of Jason blocking it. He uses the naginata to jump of Jason. He hits Jason behind the head. Jason falls to the ground. “Ouch!”
    Raven puts the blade side of the naginata to Jason’s head. “Its over.” Jason punches the ground.
    “Not yet! Spirit Move: Flame Blitz!” Raisa soars over them. She opens her wings wide. Fire rains down at Austin. Maiagaru flies down to protect Austin from the fire. Jason uses the opportunity to run towards his blade. “Hahaha! Nice one Raisa!” Raisa soars behind him. “Now what are you going to do you French fudge!” Jason taunts Austin.
    “I’ll shut that filthy mouth of yours. Spirit Move: Hurricane!” Maiagaru soars in the air and flaps its wings. Gust of wind push Raisa and Jason back. “Time to finish you!” Raven sprints at Jason while he is distracted. He swings his naginata with all his might. Blade inches from Jason’s face. Clink! Something hits the blade. The noise echoes. Raven and Jason turn towards what stopped it. Leo has his pistol aimed directly at them.
    “That’s where it ends. I can’t have Jason die on me.” Leo’s words are sharp.
    “Leo I can handle this!” Jason yells. He swings his sword at Raven. A mystical chain surrounds him. He falls to the ground imprisoned. “Damn it Leo! You didn’t have to shoot me!”
    Grey smoke comes out of Leo’s pistol. Raven looks at both of them quickly. “Its an imprisonment bullet. It imprisons if you’re wondering.” Leo walks towards them. “I won’t shoot you Raven. Unless you give me a reason. Jason and I will be leaving now. It was a pleasure meeting you. Raisa, can you help me?” Raisa floats next to him. She picks up Jason by the chain and follows Leo.
    “Raisa?! What are you doing?! We were about to win!” Jason yells as the leave the town. Time passes until Jason finally loses all of his rage. “I’m sorry for causing trouble. Can I please get out of these chains?” Jason begs. Leo takes out his pistol. The chains rapidly enter the chamber. Jason falls to the ground and Raisa enters his soul. “Ouch!”
    “Sigh. We got kicked out of another town. And we lost time on getting home.” Leo places his palm on his forehead. “How are you doing by the way? Raisa was realized for quite a bit of time. You feeling okay?”
    Jason stays laying down on the floor. “I can’t move. Is this suppose to happen?”
    “Well Spirits are just are being manifested. So it uses our energy to survive. The longer it’s out, the more energy you lose.” Leo sits down next to him as he explains.
    “How did you know that?”
    “Remember when we woke up next to our Spirits on the tower?” Jason nods. “When we woke up I noticed I lost a majority of my saved up energy inside my armor and weapons. I figured my Spirit had to use it to stay out. I still don’t understand how you use your energy though. Maybe you use it for those strange moves you yell out.”
    “Hey, Berserker Blade is amazing. And you know it.” both of them laugh for a fleeting second. Leo lays down next to Jason. Both of them stare up at the stars. “We still have a long way to go don’t we?”
    “Yeah we do. And we still have to figure out why we were arrested. And that strange woman. What was her name? Rachel?”
    “Please don’t talk about her. Ever again.” Jason frowns. “Quick question. Where’s Luke?” Jason and Leo lock eyes. Suddenly they grow. “Luke!” they jump back on their feet yelling for their dog. “Luke!” something starts to move in front of them. “We’re in the forest. It could be a troll. Quickly, prepare yourself!” Jason and Leo take out their weapons. A shadow comes out of the forest.
    The shadow disappears and a man with hurricane grey eyes appears before them. A black dog resting in his arms. “Raven?” Leo asks, perplexed.
    Raven sets Luke down. Luke runs up to Leo and Jason. Barking happily. “It’s Austin by the way. My name is Austin.” Raven, er, I mean Austin smiles. “Luke was looking for you, so I thought I would bring him back.”
    Jason starts to hug and scratch Luke. “Why did you bring him back? I thought you hated us?”
    “I don’t hate you. I was just angry, and I let my emotions control me. Thank you for stopping me Leo. Death is something I can never forgive myself with.” Austin looks down at the ground. Leo chuckles. Austin looks at him confused.
    “I knew it! There is no way you murdered someone.” Leo smiles like a child. “You may look and act like someone that could murder someone. But only cruel hearted people could murder someone.”
    “Didn’t you murder someone yesterday?” Jason asks.
    Leo scratches the back of his head and chuckles nervously. “Well to be far. He had a gun pointed to my face.” Jason laughs. Austin, still confused, smiles. “Austin would you like to join us on our adventure back home?”
    Jason stands back up. “Before you answer. We know guards are looking for you for murder. But don’t worry. Guards are looking for us too for doing a horrendous crime of I don’t know what. So we can be crime buddies!”
    Austin stares at both of them. “Sounds like fun.” he barely grins. Jason and Leo run at him for a hug. “Ouch! Please don’t touch me. Your armor hurts!” Jason and Leo float up in the air. Austin hands are covered in a strange aura. “Hehe. Thank you telepathy.” he closes his hands and our floating heroes fall to the ground. “Now where’s the next destination?”

    “And that is how the Spirit Knights found a brand new member! Raven, or Austin. Only three left for this adventure. But let us save them for later. It is quite late you know?” the old man warns you. You turn your phone on. He’s right. It’s already evening. “I guess its time for you to go isn’t it? Well then good bye young one. I shall see you another day.” the old man dismisses you today. How strange. You decide to leave anyways.

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