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    Battle Arena Rules


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    Battle Arena Rules Empty Battle Arena Rules

    Post  Yin~ on Thu Dec 20, 2012 1:40 pm

    Rules For the Battle Arena


    This Is A Place For Many To Duel, Show Off Their Skills, Get Outrageous Screenshots, And Help Others/Test. However There Are Rules.

    Always Match Style

    Format For Post:

    Your DN Username:
    Siding : yes/no

    50 Points Per Win.

    TCG, OCG and Goat Format are the only ones where you may win points.


    Style Points May Be Awarded If You Pull An Outrageous Screenshot Legitimately. Have Your Opponent Confirm And Send A Screenie If You Think It Is Worthy On That Same Page Made; And An Admin Will Judge It For Points Worth.

    Missions Also Award Points, But Battle Arena Is For Those Who Want To Have A Variety Of Battles and Learn About Their Friends/Make Friends At The Academy Smile

    Most Importantly, Have Fun Dueling~

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