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    Book Of Moon Ruling


    Book Of Moon Ruling Empty Book Of Moon Ruling

    Post  Guest on Wed Dec 19, 2012 2:30 pm

    Book Of Moon Ruling BookofMoon-BP01-EN-SFR-1E

    Card Name: Book Of Moon

    Card Type: Quick-Play Spell Card (Spell Speed 2)

    Condition: None

    Cost: None

    Does This Card Target: Yes

    Card Effect: Target 1 face-up monster on the field; change that target to face-down Defense Position.

    Cases in which a monster cannot be flipped face-up when targeted by Book of Moon.
      *A monster that has been summoned, even by another card's effect, and in response was targeted by Book of Moon.
      *A monster that has been targeted by Book of Moon after declaring an attack.
      *A monster that has been targeted by Book of Moon after changing it own battle position.
    (ex. I Flip Summon Morphing Jar, and in response my opponent targets it with Book of Moon. Morphing Jar cannot be flipped again on the same turn.)

      *Book of Moon does not negate a monster's Ignition or Trigger Effect when chained to its effect so its effect will not disappear in a chain (ex. Green Gadget). Book of Moon WILL make a Continuous monster effect disappear until it is flipped back face-up (ex. Jinzo).

      *Book of Moon CANNOT activate during the damage step, so it cannot chain itself to cards like Honest, Forbidden Lance, or Skill Successor.

      1.) Use it against monsters who equip themselves with monsters from the graveyard, hand, banish, or deck to prevent them from getting its full effect. Chains will resolve normally.
      (Monsters like Inzektors, Dragunities, Machinas, and those with equip spells)

      2.) Flip a Light monster or Blackwing facedown to prevent your opponent from punishing you with cards like Honest and Blackwing - Kalut the Moon Shadow with ATK only boosts.

      3.) Chain it to Mirror Force or Dimensional Prison and target one of the monsters affected by it to prevent it from receiving the effect from the card (Chain resolves normally). (PM or reply if you don't understand why)

      4.) If Skill Drain is out and a monster activates an effect, you can book that monster so it can use it's effect supposing it is either an Ignition or Trigger Effect. (PM or Reply if you don't understand)

      5.) Take advantage of your opponent's monster's low Defense and take it out if you have trouble.

      6.) With no priority in TCG, activate Book of Moon as a response to the summon of a monster with a Ignition Effect to prevent your opponent from using it.

      7.) A monster that is facedown, does not have an effect until it is flipped back face-up, take advantage of it with Book of Moon (ex. Book of Moon Utopia and attack it, or Book of Moon a Zenmaines and Dark Hole it).

      8.) Book of Moon resets some effects like Beast King Barbaros's Atk Debuff and Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon's effect.

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